Gill’s Aubergine Purple Wedding Inspiration Board

Gill writes:
“I am getting married on October 23rd in the UK. I am in dire need of
help regarding flowers. I need inspiration and it looks like you can
help me! I am wearing an ivory gown. I am thinking a hand tied bouquet rather than structured, but I really know nothing about it all. Would you be able to give me some help?

Gill, I created your inspiration board with a few pre-made bouquets that have the deep purple color in them as well as some single stem flowers that you could use to create your own custom bouquets. I just love the deep purple color paired with a beautiful green. Whether you create your own or go pre-made, the color combination is just stunning. Bold, yet classy! Be sure to check out our how-to videos for making bouquets. I hope this helps you with flower ideas!

Items used to create Gill’s Aubergine Purple Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Lavender Open Rose, Green Plum Rose and Ranunculus Bouquet, Plum and Green Ranunculus Bouquet, Fuchsia Eggplant Rose and Hydrangea Bouquet, Eggplant Mini Cymbidium Orchid, Green Open Rose, Dark Violet Gerbera Daisy.