Ghost Chairs: a Wedding Trend

Have you heard of the ghost chair? Me neither.  If you’re like me you might not have heard of them by name but I am positive you have seen ghost chairs popping up in wedding decor blogs and magazines. reports, “Ghost chairs have been gracing the homes of the trendsetters everywhere since they were created in 2002 by artist Philippe Starck.”  

And why has the wedding world seen a recent appearance of ghost chairs in the wedding reception realm?  “A decade later they began taking over the world of weddings, popping up in receptions and ceremonies as a modern upgrade from the traditional banquet chair.”  

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Sleek, simple and modern are one way to describe a ghost chair. However it’s look might be modern but it’s style is a classic. gives us the run down that Starck created the ghost chair as a reinvention of the classic Louis XV armchair.  They go as far to say Starck’s chair is “the most recognizable chair of the 21st century.” 

The Louis ghost chair’s popularity in the wedding world is easy to understand.  It combines the famous luxury of royalty and a chic modern look with it’s transparent form.  The ghost chair is a statement piece without standing out.  It will let your wedding flower centerpieces shine.

What are your thoughts: a 21st century masterpiece that works as a beautiful, chic piece at your reception tables or a trend you’ll be ready to pass up?