Fun Fall Wedding Ideas

We have given you a lot of tips, tricks, and how-to’s for your Fall Wedding planning.  Now it’s time to show you some playful ideas that make your Fall Wedding look and feel fun.

Not Your Ordinary Halloween Pumpkin

Glittered Wedding Pumpkins Carved Pumpkins for Weddings

Martha Stewart can do it all, including these fancy glittered pumpkins and what girl doesn’t like a little sparkle.   She offers step-by-step instructions on how to create these glitzy masterpieces. You can also use your pumpkin as an illuminated showpiece by punching/drilling out random holes and adding votive candles or led lights. I love the Lumina Pumpkins because of their pure white color.  If you cannot find white pumpkins in your area you can always paint them white or a color that goes with your wedding decor.   Who would have thought a pumpkin could be glamorous?

You Don’t Have to be Fancy to get Hitched

Halloween Wedding Socks

Skip the expensive tux rental and try something different like Jeans.  Jeans have been worn for years in Country Weddings, now they have been given a modern spin by pairing them with a vibrant tie and Chuck Taylors.  Another way to add some uniqueness is for the groomsmen to wear funky socks.  Many photographers are snapping shots of the guys snazzy footwear.

Grownups Can Enjoy These Too

Serve these favorite childhood treats with an upscale spin.  Traditional treats we enjoyed as kids all dressed up and ready to join your wedding dessert table.  Cake Pops, we are starting to see them everywhere!  These bitesize treats on a stick are a yummy & easy way for your guests to have dessert.  They come in every flavor you can imagine.   Caramel Apples have come a long way from a simple melt and dip you enjoyed making as a kid.  Now they are a gourmet item that is dip and filled with the most elegant chocolate ganache.  Choose a rustic handle, such as an apple branch to match your rustic fall wedding.

These Take The Cake

Knock the traditional Bride and Groom off their pedestal and opt for something crazy.  Pez Dispensers, your favorite candy holder as a kid is now being showcased on the top of your cake. Another option from an Etsy Designer IndigoTwinWeddings is to sculpt figures in your own likeness.  She will let you choose a variety of options to personalize your bride and groom cake topper.

Let The Games Begin

Choosing an outdoor venue with  a lot of space to entertain like Liz talks about in her blog post Fall Outdoor Weddings, allows you the room to get your guests up & going.  Yard games offer another fun activity at your wedding other than dancing.  Try classic games like Bocce and Croquet to liven up the wedding reception.  This is also a great way to keep your miniature guests busy and happy.