Fuchsia, Coral, and Cranberry Red Wedding Inspiration Board

“Hello i am getting married in Nov 2010 tis a beach side wedding, I was thinking Fuschia, Cranberry and Coral what do you think? Helppppppppppppppp me!”

I think these colors created a bold, bright wedding color palette. I created this inspiration board with various flower types in red, peach/coral, and fuchsia pinks. I also included a sample bridesmaids dress in fuchsia with red accents. The dress is from Dessy, style #2788. I think the bouquets would be stunning created with red roses, fuchsia and coral ranunculus, peach apple blossoms, and fuchsia hydrangea accents. I hope this helps!

Dress from Dessy. Items used to create the Fuchsia, Coral, and Cranberry Red Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Premium Red Open Rose, Fuchsia Ranunculus, Orange Coral Ranunculus, Premium Red Rose Bud, Premium Fuchsia Hydrangea, Fuchsia Rose Bud, Peach Apple Blossom Branch.


  1. I want to incorporate fushia, cranberry the colour of deep wine, grape purple and perhaps coral or ivory? i want a lighter shade that reflects these colours for the reception, what do you think i just dont know how my colour combination would look, do you think coral or ivory or cream to match these colours as a lighter shade? this is going to be a romantic, outdoor beach wedding, lots of flowers, lots of candles, please help me…

  2. I think an ivory would be a nice accent color to add to the bouquets as it will contrast but not be too overpowering. Will look great with candle light too!

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