Fiesta Wedding Bouquet DIY

This gorgeous, colorful bridal bouquet can be made, by you, with silk wedding flowers from  Follow these easy steps and create a bouquet for your wedding fiesta!351b-RVrhVVAYWvXA1TMJ15RAbwzq6U06qKcgGx6zDE,1jqZl87vY1WkZXQTQEvp5ulP92tm8JGo71tM6Sv6es0

1. Gather your favorite silk flower stems.  For this bouquet we used 3 of the Clematis sprays in violet purple, 6 Peony buds, 4 of the Sweetpea sprays in two-tone fuchsia, 2 of the Poppy sprays in flame, the Rose Bouquet in red fuchsia, 4 of the Zinnia sprays in rubrum pink, the single Hydrangea in purple green, Billy Buttons, the soft touch Tulips in coral yellow, 3  Cabbage Echeveria stems, purple ribbon, floral tape, and wire cutters.

aaHjZc1spWUZc-gYJ-F5vt_1evIo7uBXsNHNn_ZivsU2)  Cut each of the stems to size, anywhere between 8″ – 10″ long, and remove the leaves.Ke7J8g8hHSTcnoKc_m-lb7hwBJ1MAG_NNJXgQaPpKaQ3) Begin your bouquet by gathering several stems into your hand and taping them together with floral tape.lC35Ym0vqUWH7lQwS_7YPQ0UjBeFAXMY_Y6BA7o_Mk4 copy 4)  Continue to add the larger stems and taping them together.  Work around your bouquet to keep the look even.  7pPjIxcubadS4L3naD5Q61L3C-oiVZJ4GTi3q3MWVf8 copy 5)  Add the smaller stems into the bouquet. lRHKEdJP8n9EYuZ2Mq8kzdqHE-AquYweRwgVOVf3vug-1 copy 6)  When you are happy with the look, use the floral tape to bind all the stems one last time.  Trim the stems so they are even. vBVj1Ia5nSFuKHA7Qu3frN0Gwd2QQkER7kf9pDR5StI 7)  Choose your favorite ribbon and wrap the stems.  Secure with a pin or hot glue.  You now have a beautiful bouquet for your wedding day! eKxstN5nD4M_vvEh1CJTAZ54j8wnx0gRVFE3Ix7QCb0,nsAsNtG5Xr3KUdIUrBckl9JvafiimQER57j7u4GAPmw Silk flower bridal bouquets can be made months before the event and will last long after.  Create a beautiful keepsake that you could use as a centerpiece for your first wedding anniversary! XdSNk7k9S-iZExz38er6EydTuTggTieQK-_64hkutX0

For more DIY video tutorials follow the Afloral Youtube Channel.  Add #Afloral to all of your DIY wedding pictures to share your beautiful designs.


  1. Wow, that’s a wedding flower arrangements are very charming. This would be much preferred and an inspiration that is very interesting. Flower arrangement in marriage is a symbol. and certainly become a necessity in determining the most attractive flower arrangement in accordance with the adopted theme. nice article.

    1. Thank you so much! We agree and with a silk flower arrangement you can continue to enjoy its beauty long after the ceremony. It becomes a lovely keepsake.

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