Family, Traditions and Weddings

As most of us are about to partake in some serious turkey eating today, we have to take a minute to stop and think about family and some of the traditions we will be honoring.

It is that time of year when both family and holiday traditions will be in full affect, adding to the magical, warm atmosphere that is the holiday season.  Traditions can be religious, ethnic or just meaningful to your immediate family.  They are a custom or belief passed down through generations, something that is in the present but also holds roots in the past.

white wedding bride

While the holidays might bring family together, weddings are another special occasion that allows for the celebration and unity of families.  The joining of two families, weddings are the perfect platform to remember and reflect your family’s history while also leaving room to create new memories and traditions.

We have all at some point heard of this wedding tradition: something old, borrowed, blue and new.  This time honored wedding tradition is to bring the bride good luck.  Often traditions performed at weddings are to bring happiness, joy and good luck.

Some brides and grooms light a unity candle to symbolize the joining of two lives, two families; blessing and bringing the union happiness and joy.  A fun reception tradition is a money dance, guests will shower or pay an amount of money to dance with the new bride, again blessing and celebrating the new union of marriage.

Today I’m going to showcase a few fun and different ways to incorporate family and tradition into your wedding.  Whether through memorable photographs, good wishes or favorite recipes you can honor your family roots, as you’re family tree grows another branch through the joy of a new marriage.

bouquet charm

Bouquet Charms

From Popko on these bouquet charms are like a locket that you can “attach to a wedding bouquet to carry that special memory down the aisle with you”.  A bouquet charm would be an unique wedding accessory with  sentimental value.

Place inside it a cherished photograph of a someone who could not be with you on your special day whether it is a grandparent or parent that might have passed, or someone that is unable to attend and means a lot you.  To honor both sets of grandparents or multiple individuals simply attach several bouquet charms.

Their memory and love will walk down the aisle with you, loving and supporting you as you start your journey of marriage.  Charms may be saved after the wedding and then placed on a chain to wear as a necklace or displayed as a keepsake. decorative branch project

Best Wishes Tree

With roots in traditional Dutch customs, a wish tree would allow guests to leave or sign a message on pieces of paper hung on decorative tree branches.  This idea was showcased in our Alternative Guest Book post this past summer; it is a great idea to share family blessings.

A best wish tree would be a fabulous DIY wedding project using decorative branches and decorative rocks in a vase.  Leave guests instructions to write best wishes, a favorite memory, story or advice for the newly married couple.

After the wedding the bride and groom can start a new tradition on their anniversary by taking out the written notes and reading them together.  A great way to always remember and reflect on how you were brought together and the day you said I do surrounded by those you love.


dessert bar,

Family Recipes

Nothing says family like some of grandma’s good home cooking.  Honor and remember certain family members or special family dishes in your wedding day menu.  Mindy posted a great DIY dessert bar this past fall, full of the best sweets and home cooked treats that everyone loves to eat.

Consider a dessert bar filled with grandma’s favorite pies or cookies.  You may even showcase a few recipes in your main menu whether it’s traditional holiday favorites like turkey, potatoes and green beans or something that showcases your ethnic roots like a traditional Italian, Swedish or Scottish dish whatever your background is.

Don’t forget to include labels detailing who the recipe and dish is honoring along your dessert bar, or include a special mention in your menu of what has inspired your food selections.

Joy, Happiness and Good Luck

Whether you go with a time honored wedding tradition, something sentimental to your own family or one of our fun ideas from today, honor your family and where you have come from on your wedding day.  Take time to acknowledge the joining of two lives, two families and in extension the growing and continuation of your family tree.  For better or worse sometimes there’s nothing more you could ask for then your family.  Happy Thanksgiving!