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Mindy’s post from Monday tantalized our taste buds with seasonal drink and dessert ideas.  Now I’d be good to go with any item from that dessert bar and a Sam Adams, but I figured the rest of the guests should have a few menu options. So here we go:

Fall is not only known for it’s rich, vibrant colors but also it’s rich, hearty food.  Crisp autumn days bring out warm seasonal foods.  From good home cooking, local harvests, the hottest wedding food trends to food that will leave your guests talking.  Get the best fall wedding menu ideas here.

Wedding Comfort Food, marthastewartweddings.com

The Comforts of Home

Nothing says fall like some good old home cooking.  Honor family past and present by using traditional family recipes. Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts, warm cider and grandma’s apple pie.
Extend the family atmosphere and create an intimate wedding setting for all your guests by seating and serving them family style.  Consider one large table to seat all your guests around or for larger wedding parties create several family style table areas.  Guests will be able to talk and mingle as they pass the mashed potatoes.



Wedding local produce, daytrippingmetro.com

Go Eco -Friendly

Create an eco-friendly menu by using local food items.  Gaining popularity with terms like locavore and slow food cooking, the aim is to use local produce, meat and ingredients for menu items.  You will be helping the environment by cutting down on the cost of food traveling to you and not to mention supporting hardworking local farmers and small businesses.
As you help out others you will also be helping out your budget, local in season produce is inexpensive and a great save for any budget bride.  Consider seasonal vegetables like squash, pumpkin, carrots, turnips, corn, sweet potatoes to name a few.  Tasty and eco-friendly favor ideas are local preserves, honey, apples and cider.




Wedding food stations, weddingbee.com

Hottest Food Trend

A hot trend in the food world right now are food trucks, known for specialty items and their availability right on the streets of larger cities.  This trend has transferred over into the wedding world with food stations.  What would you think of a mashed potato bar with all the fixings, sour cream, chives, bacon and cheese?

They come in all types from sushi, mac and cheese to fall soups.  The it trend for fall, winter weddings are soup bars; try a variety of soups you can’t get everyday potato leek, pureed sweet potato, crab bisque or mint pea.

Wedding tapas, bostonist.com

Mingle with Tapas

Even with rich, flavorful fall menus you can still keep it light by downsizing portions.  Tapas are small dishes or portions of food, meant to be paired with drinks and shared. Tapa dishes are native to Spain but have grown to include other ethnic foods, they range from appetizers, entrees to dessert dishes.  Create a menu of 5-6 light tapas dishes and encourage your guests to mingle and talk over food.

This is also a superb and cheaper way to sample a wide variety of delicious fall foods.  I don’t mean to get your mouth watering but consider working a few of these menu ideas found at essortment.com into a tapas menu.  Spiced nuts or assorted cheeses, mini grilled cheese with ham, sage or fig with prosciutto, sauteed wild mushrooms with brussel sprouts and bacon, mini kabobs, lamb lollipops with butternut puree, winter squash soup or curried butternut soup.


Wedding food presentation, 30days30waysmacandcheese.com

All in the Presentation

Presentation and incorporating serving ware into menu items is another wedding food trend.  As the face of receptions are changing guests want to be able to be up and mingle throughout the event,  let them nosh on your delicious food and still be able to do so.  Theknot.com reports the cupcake craze has not quiet left, caterers are now offering up savory cupcakes like mini meatloafs, tomatoes mixed with basil and cheese, for cocktail hours and light entrees.  Dress up your comfort foods by placing mash potatoes or mac and cheese in martini glasses; an interesting juxtaposition that will also leave your guests talking.  Hollowed out gourds or pumpkins are another interesting serving option for soups.  Guests will have to be seated to enjoy this menu selection but it does add a whimsical take on the fall season.

Fall is one of the most delicious times of the year to get married, wouldn’t you agree?  Whether you go with some good old home cooking or one of the latest wedding food trends be true to yourselves.  Pick menu items that reflect you’re, the bride and the groom’s, taste and fit your wedding theme and venue.

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