Fall Barn Wedding Theme

fall, barn wedding


There is something about getting back to the simpler things in life, we are quickly reminded of what’s important.  What’s important on any wedding day are the bride and groom and the love they’ll pledge to one another.

Fall barn weddings are growing in popularity, a simple, casual setting that does not lack in charm.  Even celebrities are getting back to what’s important, as reported by celebrityweddingbuzz.com, bachelor star Andrew Fireston wed his actress wife in his family’s polebarn.  Country, casual with a rustic intimacy.

How do you get this charming, barn wedding look?

Keep it fresh and simple

silk wildflowers in mason jar

If you’re having a barn wedding the main statement piece is the barn.  Choose wedding decor items that will accent and not take away from it’s country charm.  In other words let the barn do the work for you; you’ll be able to save on time and money by keeping decor items simple.
Table linens in white or cream will create a simple, fresh look.  Add a pop of color with a table runner.  Or play up the country charm with vintage table clothes.  Another great cost saver, shop around at your local 2nd hand stores, flea markets or grandma’s attic.
Floral arrangements/ centerpieces can be kept simple as well.  Try loosely tied bunches of wildflowers.  They’ll fit right in with the decor and add a touch of color.

paper lanterns

Lighting can easily be an overlooked element in wedding planning.  And yet it is one of the most important details for a barn wedding.  Take a few tips from our DIY lighting post to get just the right look on your wedding day.  Using white twinkle lights are affordable and easy, string them from barn rafters for a soft, romantic touch of light.  Hanging lanterns are another affordable, easy and versatile choice for a more playful look.  And last but not least, votive candles will provide a soft accent to any barn decor.



Styled with details

fall leaves in galvanized container

We’ve kept it simple so far but this is where we are going to mix it up a bit.  The fun in having a barn wedding is in the details. You can pick and mix from a wide variety of country, rustic and barn decor items to fit your style.  Whether you’re having a barn wedding with all the fixin’s or just a few sides, here is your guide to great, inexpensive wedding details.

  • Barn items: galvanized buckets, ceramic jugs, rain barrels, burlap bags, saddles, barn equipment, tractor, hay bails, wooden signs/ vintage barn signs
  • Natural items: wildflowers, wheat stalks, leaves, moss, branches
  • Little details: clotheslines, clothespins, vintage table clothes, vintage/ colored vases, wood signs, twine, chalkboard signs, mason jars
wheat stalks


A barn wedding is easy and affordable to style and customize to your wedding theme.  By keeping it simple and paying attention to the right touches and details you can  design your perfect country, rustic or chic barn wedding.

All the photos used throughout this barn wedding post were taken during afloral.com’s fall wedding shoot.  Check out afloral.com’s wedding design ideas for a variety of styles from sunflower, rustic, to country chic and DIY projects to fit your fall, barn wedding.