Erinn’s Lavender Blue & Cream Inspiration Board

Erinn writes:
Hello, I’m getting married in May.  My colors are royal purple, light blue and white. I’ve already ordered three pieces from this site, the purple, lavender Hydrangea bouquet, three Texas bluebonnets and some babies breath, but I feel like I need more and I don’t really know how to arrange it to be beautiful. I would really appreciate your help 🙂

Erinn, This lovely bouquet from Elegance and Simplicity incorporates the flowers that you previously purchased, along with just a few new ones.   The bouquet includes:  Purple Hydrangeas, Cream Ranunculus, Purple Tulips, Lavender Sweetpea, and Bluebonnet or Delphinium.  The premade Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet in purple tones would make a great base for your bouquet or a wonderful bridesmaid bouquet.  To finish your bouquets wrap with elegant White Satin Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


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