Emily’s Truffle Brown, Green, and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

Emily writes:
“Hello my name is Emily and im getting married to the man of my dreams on October 16th 2010. I’m having a hard time deciding on flowers. My girls dresses are in the color truffle, dark brown, my favorite color is green, sage, and I was wanting to accent in pink. I hope your able to help me! Thank you!”

Emily, I created your inspiration board with flowers in beige (compliments the truffle without being too dark), green, and pink. I think the bouquets would look so beautiful and romantic made up with the beige roses and pink roses, green bells of ireland and hydrangea, and pink calla lilies. If that’s too much pink, you could leave out the pink roses and simply accent with the pink callas. Finish the bouquet by wrapping the stems with an ivory, truffle, or green matching ribbon. I hope you like your inspiration board!

Dresses from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Emily’s Truffle Brown, Green, and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Pink Rose Bud, Green Bells of Ireland, Green Cream Phalaenopsis Orchid, Pink Calla Lily, Light Green Premium Hydrangea, Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid, Beige Open Rose.


  1. LeAnne I love the flowers… I already purchased some bouquets so you can bet that im sending them back and making these ones… I just have a few questions… are there any afloral diy videos i should watch or is there any certain way you could suggest i arrange them? thanks so much!

  2. LeAnne, I have a feew more questions… How would I do the bouquets? can i use the orchids? Also what would you suggest for center pieces? I already have vases and was going to use the green orchid, pink rose the pink calla and the bells of ireland in the vases and for the bouquets how many of each flower should i use to make it look nice? I have 3 bridesmaids, 2 maids of honor and then mine. ill need 5 corsages, 11 boutoniers (i want to use the pink orchids for these) any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks

  3. You can create the bouquets using a simple hand-tied method. Just arrange the flowers you want in each bouquet in your hand so they are appealing to you. Wrap floral tape around the stems to secure. Then you simply clip the excess stem length and add a little ribbon if you'd like — and you can absolutely include the orchids with your bouquet!

    Here is a popular flower amount for the wedding arrangements:

    Boutonniere – 1 Flower
    Corsage – 2 Flowers or 1 Open Flower & 1 Bud
    Bridesmaids Bouquets – 6-10 Flowers
    Bridal Bouquets 10-16 Flowers

    1. thank you sooo much for being such a big help!!! I am going to recommend you to everyone I know!!!! Your the greatest!

  4. the calla lilies are out of stock… what do i do? will they be in stock if i wait or do i need to call or can i use the other flowers? ahhhh what to do?

    1. The pink calla lilies will be back in stock by the end of the month/very beginning of April. There are a few other pink callas on our site, but they are more fuchsia in color. You should have plenty of time though, it you would like to wait for the original pink ones from your board to come back in stock.

  5. LeAnne can I use the orchids in the bouquets as well? for center pieces i was going to use the green orchid, pink rose, calla and the bells of ireland…. i am so open to suggestions…. i feel so lost and my fiance is tired of hearing about the flower drama lol thanks…..

    1. Love the idea for the centerpieces — and absolutely you can incorporate the orchids into the bouquets. You'll probably only need 1-2 stems since there are several blooms on each stem. They are each wired, so very easy to arrange and will look great! Don't feel lost — it will all come together beautifully!

  6. oh ps i love the idea of the hand tied bouquets! i was also going to use the pink and green orchids as boutonieers and the pink roses for corsages…..

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