Dried & Preserved Wedding Flowers

Are you a bride torn between choosing real wedding flowers and silk wedding flowers? Both have their pros and cons.  Many brides find silk wedding flowers can literally afford them the right look at a fraction of the cost of real wedding flowers, additionally adding the benefit that silk flowers last forever.  On the other hand some brides cannot part with the idea of not having real flowers for their special day.

So what is a bride to do?  There may be hope, a third wedding flower option.  Dried or preserved wedding flowers are another versatile and affordable wedding flower option.

Preserved wedding flowers like afloral.com’s Shu Shu Rose in pink are real flowers that undergoes a delicate and intricate process of preservation with a glycerine-based solution.  Preserved wedding flower petals  feel as soft and silky as the day they were picked, and they are as flexible and easy to work with as a fresh flower.  Preserved flower heads are available in packages for under $24 with counts from nine to a dozen flowers, that breaks down to less than $2 a flower.

Dried wedding flowers, foliage and moss or branches are available in bundles.  From hydrangeas, wildflowers, lavender and natural items most bundles are under $12 and can be used for multiple arrangements.

Dried and preserved wedding flowers offer the affordability of silk wedding flowers while still giving you real flowers for your wedding day.  Dried and preserved wedding flowers are perfect for a rustic, country, vintage, garden or fall wedding.  Available in bulk and bundles they are ideal for DIY wedding projects, brides can choose a variety of dried or preserved flowers for their bouquet and centerpiece arrangements.  Use ribbon, raffia, jute or vintage handkerchiefs to tied and accent arrangements.

Creating fall wedding flower arrangements dried and preserved flowers are a perfect choice.  Incorporate other seasonal items like wheat, gourds and pumpkins to add a touch of color and texture.  Afloral.com’s autumn bundle is a great flower alternative for reception centerpieces, using dried wheat, oat, cattails and pineapple buttons, it captures the brilliant colors and intriguing textures of the fall season.  Dried and preserve wedding flowers are gaining popularity for wedding arrangements for their unique look and different take on a traditional floral arrangement.  Their affordability and the fact they last forever are added benefits that grabs any bride’s attention who wants to get the most for her money.


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