DIY Wedding Lighting

Bride and groom all lit up-

Lighting is an essential part of your wedding day decor, but it is also one of the most overlooked elements.  Lighting can set the mood and tone of your special day by accenting the right areas of your venue and your wedding decorations.

Caroline Wolfe Papocchia from states, “you don’t need a big budget to create a fabulous wedding – and lighting is a perfect example of how that idea comes into play.”  So how can you budget brides get the bang for your buck?

I’m going to shine a little light on this for you with a few DIY ideas to help get that big wedding look at a cheap wedding cost.

Candle lighting with fall centerpiece

Get in the mood

First, shut off or dim your overhead, fluorescent lights.  Too much of this harsh light will wash out your decor and blind your guest.  Use candles to set the mood with a soft, beautiful glow, creating an intimate atmosphere for your guests.  A row of candles are a soft accent to light your wedding ceremony aisles; kick it up a notch by using floating candles in large hurricane vases.


Votive candle in mason jar with raffia

Check out this DIY lighting idea from using a votive candle, mason jar and raffia bow; the perfect look for your country or barn wedding.

Candles are like the little black dress of your wedding decor, they’ll go with anything or theme.
Versatile, candles are also a favorite for budget brides. offeres a pack of 24 votives for under $4, or small glass votives in a pack of 48 for $54.99, that’s only $1.15 a piece.



white lights, barn wedding

String ‘em up

Both indoor and outdoor venues will need lighting adjustments from day to evening.  Take your guests into the night with whimsically strung white, twinkle lights and hanging lanterns.

String lights are affordable and easy to hang just about any where, whether hung from barn rafters, across peaks of your reception tent or amongst tree branches during your outdoor wedding.  Create a beautiful, elegant ambiance to light your reception.

Lanterns hung from tree branches-


Lanterns are another DIY lighting choice.  They are just as affordable, versatile and easy to hang as string lights.  Clusters of lanterns will make a big statement hung above your reception tables or create a playful arrangement strung amongst tree branches. offers 8” white paper lanterns 2 for $9.99, battery operated and versatile for any wedding theme.



Color wash wedding reception-

Color of Love

A popular wedding lighting trend is a color wash, which is a blanket of colored light.  Get this look for less at your reception by using’s floralytes, battery operated and totally submersible.  Use them in floral vases, at table settings or around your dance floor.  Used at key locations during your reception floralytes will give the illusion of a color wash.


Floralyte vase idea-

Floralytes area an ideal cheap wedding tool at $19.99 for a box of 10, you can get a big look for a small cost.  Consider using white during your reception meal for a soft glow and then turn it up a bit with pink or purple when your guests hit the dance floor.


Lighting is the perfect example of how to get a fabulous wedding look at a cheap wedding cost.  Don’t be left in the dark when planning your big day.  DIY lighting ideas are simple, easy and versatile for any wedding theme.

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