Diary of a Mad M.O.H. #2

From the very beginning, these two were "buggy" for each other! Photos courtesy of Julie Rice


In early 2010 one of our good friends split with his long-time girlfriend and needed a place to stay. We had some extra room, so why not? He claimed one of the empty bedrooms and I was soon educated on the behavior of single twenty-something males. I learned to keep my eyes, ears, and mouth shut, and to keep an open mind concerning the male dating etiquette and ideals.

After a couple months of this craziness, he started hanging out with another one of our friends who coincidentally was back home after leaving a long-time relationship of her own behind. We began to see more and more of her, and it wasn’t long before it was very clear to the whole world…these two were SMITTEN. All the symptoms and signs were there…glazed eyes, syrupy voices, the unfortunate malady of being joined at the hip, and of course the kissy-kissy, smoochy-smoochies at every turn. The lovey-dovey gooeyness was almost too much to bear for my husband and I who had been married for a year already. Their long-time friendship exploded into a major love-fest, and soon I started to hear the M-word being thrown about in casual conversation. Sitting on our front porch one night a couple months later, the lovebirds declared to us with huge cheesy smiles, “We’re getting married!”

I was completely energized by this declaration. Working in the bridal industry and having just planned my own wedding, I went directly into planner mode. I also hate to say it, but I was half expecting to be asked to stand up in the wedding. Nope! Denied! I was thrown over for a classmate of the bride’s. Well, that stung a little. I moped privately for about ten minutes, but then I realized the beauty of the situation.

I had no responsibilities for this wedding.

Yippee! This was great news! I could offer advice and still be on the edges of the wedding to soak up the great energy and feel that wonderful excitement, but without responsibilities. Most importantly, no extra energy was required on my part. I could actually enjoy the wedding, dance with my husband, and do normal guest things. My wedding world was complete.

There was an engagement dinner, engagement pictures, and of course, the engagement ring. All lovely, and all took place without me or my so-called expert opinion. They moved into their own apartment, and I would see new ideas or plans via facebook or receive random texts.

Six months later…..

Check us out next Wednesday to find out how one plate of chicken and biscuits launched me head-first into the maelstrom of wedding madness. = )

Julie Rice Photography