Dark Purple Calla Lily Submersible Wedding Flowers ~ Brittany’s Inspiration Board


Centerpiece Inspiration Photo(bottom left):  Sadi Higs Photography

{Brittany’s Request}
Hello!  I am looking for centerpieces and I’m not sure where to start! Our color is purple and I have calla lily’s in my bouquet. I was looking at the purple real touch calla lily’s on your site. Would those be okay to submerge in water? Any other ideas would be great!

{Brittany’s Centerpiece Details}
I found three gorgeous inspirations via The French Bouquet (top left), Indecisive Bride-To-Be (bottom left), Pinterest (bottom right) and they feature:  Various shades of Purple Calla Lilies, and Cream Hydrangeas.  We recommend that you spray each calla lily head with a Protective Sealant Spray to insure no bleeding of color when submerged in water.  Happy Planning, Mindy