Colorful Wedding Themes

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Are you bold enough to go for color in your wedding?

Bold, vibrant colors are in.  They offer a fresh, fun vibe and styled the right way give you a fabulous wedding look.  According to, “2012 will be the year of multi-colors and collaborative textures”.

During Thursday’s DIY colorful bouquet post we talked briefly about this new wedding color and texture trend.  I’m always on the hunt for the hottest trends and the right special touches that will bring your wedding to life.  I’ve collected a few colorful wedding inspiration photos from fellow wedding blogs and am going to run down how you can add anywhere from a pop to an explosion of color to your wedding day.

You might wan to borrow a few ideas on how to add some touches of color to your wedding day using the right resources and DIY project ideas.  Or take one or two vibrant hues and run them throughout your wedding day.  A third option is to channel your inner Betsy Johnson and go all out with every and any color imaginable.

Whatever your choice start with the basics I’ll run through today and make them fit your style, your needs, your wedding.

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Bridal Look

Girls just want to have fun, and what better day than on your wedding.  Add color to the traditional white bridal palette for a fresh, contemporary take.’s wildflower clutch from Thursday showcases beautiful, lush color.  Complementary colors, orange, blues, yellows and purples, really pop.  The variety of silk flower textures and colors are a fabulous focal point to base your decor around.  Weave these bright, complementary hues throughout your wedding the whole day color rich.

If you’re bold enough to go for something different, don’t let your bridal bouquet have all the fun or color.  Layers of rich, bold color sewn within the train or skirt of your bridal gown will turn heads.  This unexpected gown will wow guests and leave them talking.

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Reception Decor

Get the party started with color and style.  DIY wedding project alert.  This is the perfect category to DIY and cash in on big savings.  Creating and styling some of your own reception decor can be the key to an affordable wedding.

Take one of the hues from your wedding centerpiece and carry it into the table service.  Featured in this great neon wedding theme on check out the paint dipped silverware.  A great DIY project and money saver; pick up mismatched silverware at thrift stores or garage sales and pick out your paint color.  You could choose to spray paint or dip the ends of the silverware in your bright paint choice.  Viola custom table settings that will cost you a couple of dollars per setting verses the cost of buying or renting!

If your ready to go all out, get an eclectic, fun look with an explosion of color throughout reception decor.  Great for a twist on your winter wedding, a refreshing spring I do or sunny summer day, styled the right way it wont look over done.  Pick one or two main colors to be repeated throughout your look and then add in dashes of complementary colors here and there.  Mix textures of fabrics, flowers and decor items to keep it interesting and engaging.

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Good Old Fun

A bright, colorful wedding will have everyone smiling and enjoying your special day.  Incorporate a little extra fun with some old stand by party favorites no wedding is to posh for balloons, streamers, bubbles and props.  Love this photo booth with props idea from  Guests will have a blast and you’ll have fun, fabulous keepsakes to remember your special day.

Your wedding day is a day to remember, enjoy, have fun.  Let it showcase who you are, your style, your look, your wedding.

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