Choosing a Palette for Wedding Flowers

When planning your wedding colors there is so much to consider.  Wedding color choices are really an endless rainbow of options.  We’ve blogged about wedding colors in the past especially when it comes to planning your wedding flowers.

Planning and finding wedding inspiration by color is a popular trend right now, many sites allow you to search by color, inspiration boards are popular resources for brides and pinterest boards are categorized by color. picked up on this trend in their recent blog post “Musts for you Wedding Flowers”.  They start off with, “brides have many choices today when it comes to their wedding flowers.  When making your selections, a good thing to consider could be to use more than one color.”

Lux wedding florists shares, “lavender gowns with lavender flowers could make for less than stunning pictures.”  Instead of a monochromatic color palette lux wedding florists suggests, “wow all your guests by using your flowers to place an accent color in your wedding ceremony.”  

Their tip is to consider a lime green wedding flower bouquet against a lavender wedding gown to make colors pop and look great in wedding photos.  You have to think of your wedding flower colors as part of your whole wedding day palette.  Whether you are going with a monochromatic, complementary or full color look think about your color choices and how they will work together.

With a monochromatic wedding theme, incorporate different shades of your one color.  If you have the color purple running throughout your wedding as the main color consider adding three different shades of purple in your wedding flower bouquets.  The varying shades with a touch of greenery will act as a nice accent and let your wedding flowers pop not fade into a sea of purple.

By choosing different wedding color hues you can play with how colors interact and look paired together.  Pick two or three different hues to incorporate throughout your wedding day.  Mix the colors into your wedding flower bouquet and then use the same colors throughout your wedding decor as accents in centerpieces, linens, lighting and even favors.

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