Cheryl’s Pink, Blue, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Cheryl writes:
“My daughter will be getting married next summer. Her colors are cornflower blue, light green, and very light pink. What silk flowers would best make a wonderful bridemaids, corsages, etc…all needed to outfit the flowers used in the wedding. If you have additional ideas for pews, alter table, alter, etc..I am open to any suggestions. When would be the best time to order silk flowers. She is thinking gerbera daisy’s but would be open to suggestions.

Cheryl, I created your inspiration board with flowers in pink, blue, and green — making sure to include gerbera daisies as well as other flower types. I think the bouquets would look beautiful made up with pink roses and gerbera daisies, blue cornflower, and light green hydrangeas. You could even accent the bouquet stems with blue satin ribbon. For the boutonnieres, why not use a small bunch of the green hydrangea blooms or even 1-2 blue cornflower. Add a pink rose to this design to make the corsages. As for the centerpieces, you could simply create the same design as the bouquets and put them into unique vases. Or alternate these flower arrangements with some tall branch style centerpieces arrangements, perhaps with hanging crystals. Be sure to check out our how-to videos and design ideas for more inspiration!

Items used to create Cheryl’s Pink, Blue, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left);

Light Green Gerbera Daisy, Pink Gerbera Daisy, Antique Blue Hydrangea, Light Blue Satin Ribbon, Light Green Premium Hydrangea, Pink Sweetpea, Light Green Stargazer Lily, Blue Cornflower, Pink Rose Bud.


  1. What a wonderful inspirational board. I love the suggested combination of flowers. I am going to forward these suggestions to my sister, who is planning her wedding around very similar colors.

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