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Having a “cheap” wedding does not mean you are settling for less; it means you are being smart in your wedding planning.  The average bride does not want to spend more on her wedding day then she will on her first house.  And you don’t have to.  Modern brides can still have it all at a cheap wedding cost, by smart planning and using budget friendly wedding ideas.  Here are four different areas you can save big and get an A + in smart wedding planning. Wedding Gown

Bridal Gowns

Your bridal gown is the first thing your guests will see and what you will always remember from your big day, with this in mind some brides are pressured to spend more to get the perfect dress.  Shopping for your gown at a bridal boutique you are going to spend the most money. suggests “ordering online is often a great money saver.  You can often shop locally and find the same or similar style so you know how it looks and fits and then order the dress online and save big bucks”.

You can still gown shop with your girlfriends to find the right fit and style your looking for, then get home and order the same style online at a fraction of the cost. offers a variety of bridal gowns at an average of $300; you aren’t going to find a bridal boutique that offers those price tags.

DIY Wedding Ideas

Putting a little labor into your wedding design will help you trim down your decor budget.  Make your own arrangements or use pre-made options throughout your wedding.  Sites like include wedding design idea sections full of DIY wedding ideas.

DIY wedding idea projects range from ceremony aisle decorations, loosely tied bouquets, reception centerpieces, chair back ideas, favors, to lighting ideas. Possibilities are endless, search DIY wedding ideas by theme to find the perfect projects to fit your decor. Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk Wedding Flowers

Floral arrangements can take up a big part of your wedding budget.  From the ceremony arrangements, bouquets/ boutonniers, to your reception arrangements and centerpieces.  Silk wedding flowers can offer you an affordable alternative.  Silks are budget friendly and more reliable than real flowers; they will hold up in the heat, cold and windy elements.  Save hundreds of dollars without cutting back on your look, not to mention silk flowers are something you can keep long after your wedding day.

Pre-made silk wedding bouquets will not only save you on cost but also on time, shop from a variety of styles and type of flowers and make them your own by choosing ribbon and bouquet jewels or pins.


Outdoor Wedding Venue-

Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will be a huge deciding factor in your wedding budget.  Make sure and ask the right questions before you settle on your location.  Investigate what your venue fees include, and make sure you wont be looking at any additional rental and vendor fees.

A budget friendly wedding idea is an outdoor wedding; beautiful and versatile to just about any season.  Often outdoor venues such as parks, gardens or historical grounds require a smaller deposit or rental fee than a large reception hall.  You will have to take into account any rental fees for chairs and tables.  Get creative, planning a country or barn wedding?  Consider using hay bails as your seating for your ceremony and/or reception tables.  A big cost saver from renting chairs.

Your grade is in.  How did you score?  Remember to keep in mind these simple and budget friendly wedding ideas to get your big wedding look at a cheap wedding cost. You’ll get an A for affordable and smart wedding planning.

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