Charitable Wedding Planning

With the amount of time, energy and money you put into your wedding day don’t you wish you could pass on some of the fruits of your labor?  Perhaps pay it forward a bit and let someone else enjoy the bliss of your special day? reports,”With the hefty cost of wedding flowers, food, décor, and a gown, more couples are opting to extend the life of their investment by donating their leftovers to hospitals and nursing homes that can continue to enjoy them long past last call at a reception.”

Planning a charitable wedding that works to recycle post wedding items takes a little extra planning itself.  Conscious couples can research, with a quick google search, what charities and organizations are available in their area to receive or even help with distributing donations.  In addition to post wedding donations couples can also find many ways to give back to charities throughout their wedding planning.

Recycled Wedding Items

A great deal of planning, resources and money goes into making everything just right for your special day, from wedding food, flowers, decor to attire.  After all that hard work why not “extend your investment” or do a good deed and allow for others to enjoy something from your special day.

Laresen Jay from Random Acts of Flowers in Knoxville, Tenn. shares, “flowers from one medium-sized wedding can go on to serve 30-50 people who are sick in local hospitals.”  See if there is a non-profit group like Jay’s in your area or make contacts with local community agencies like nursing homes, hospice facilities or hospitals to drop off wedding flower arrangements post wedding.  Volunteers or patients can enjoy distributing them throughout the facility giving them purpose and brightening someone’s day with flowers.

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A tip for charitable conscious couples is to work with vendors, local community agencies and online resources to find the best options to recycle your wedding items. reports“the practice of couples donating their wedding items has grown exponentially in the past five years and that more companies are now equipped to either handle the donation or provide local resources that can.”

Caterers may have a relationship established with  local soup kitchens or shelters to distribute leftovers.  They will also be able to give you the right guidelines to follow for safe food donations. gives a warning to keep in mind with food donations hot or cold food needs to be kept at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. is an organization that utilizes bridal dress donations to help support breast cancer research.  Brides traditionally hold on to their wedding dress for sentimental reasons, if you are able to part with your dress it can go on to serve another bride and benefit a great cause.

Charitable Planning

Charitable conscious couples can help out their favorite charities in many other ways than just post wedding donations.  With a little bit of extra planning and resources the right decisions can have a big impact. highlights several great charitable options in their post “25 Ways to Create a Charitable Wedding”.

Couples can incorporate charitable donations onto their wedding registry or a charitable gift in lieu of reception favors, consider a non-profit venue for your wedding like a museum or historic site your venue fees will help benefit the site.

Smart shopping.  When making purchases for your wedding day from invitations or gifts for bridesmaids, consider companies that give back. gives several great sites like and that you can make wedding purchases with while giving back.  Another fabulous idea, donating frequent flier miles from your honeymoon trip to a cause like hero miles for injured soldiers.