Celebrity Wedding Planner Top Tips

Franck_Lee; blog.moviefone.com

What would you do if you could have behind the scenes information and tips on event planning from an A- list wedding planner for celebrities?  Your answer should be, listen!

ABC News lifestyle section’s recent post, Tips from Celebrity Wedding Planner Kevin Lee featured clips from “Good Morning America’s” day in the life of segment along with a run down of some great tips from the well known Lee.  Lee can be credited as the planner behind the scenes of celebrity weddings like Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera and Bill and Giuliana Rancic.  Can you flash back to the classic movie “Father of the Bride”, the hilarious and over the top character Franck was based off of Kevin Lee.

Getting down to his tips, Lee suggests, “Focus flower in one main area. Your display will pop this way and then you can fill the rest of the space with candles, which gives it a more romantic feel.”

Some hot event trends to keep in mind when wedding planning are: “Color – Popping yellow; Design – Retro classic pieces with pops of bright color and reflective surfaces.; Tabletop Centerpieces (Weddings) – Over the top, elaborate and grand floral.”

Lee’s tips are fabulous advice to keep in mind when planning your wedding and wedding flowers.  Retro wedding flowers are a hot trend not only for celebs but any budget bride.  If you missed last Saturday’s post Retro Wedding Theme Part I, this Saturday’s post will run down DIY retro wedding flowers.

“Focus flowers in one main area” and “Tabletop centerpieces, grand floral” go hand in hand.  Pick a few key areas to focus on wedding flowers and fill in the rest of your wedding decor with accessories like candles.  It’s a great tip to narrow down your wedding flower needs and stick with your floral budget.

summer retro wedding flowers

photo credits: assorted vases centerpiece- 100layercake.com; bride with bridesmaids- greenweddingshoes.com; retro pink and gold centerpiece- 100layercake.com; cake stand- weddingchicks.com; retro pink and yellow centerpiece arrangement- greenweddingshoes.com


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