Cat’s Purple and Grey Wedding Inspiration Board

Cat writes:
“Hello, Hello!

As a newly engaged bride, the first thing I’m thinking is COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! I’m pretty sure my fiance and I are going to go with a deep purple and a brushed silver, possibly a grey, for our colors. Not sure what to do for our flowers, though. Is that enough color right there? Should we add a third color for style?


Cat, adding another color is completely up to you, but I happen to like the purple and silver/grey just by themselves! I created your inspiration board with flowers in these colors, but also added a lavender purple and blue as well. Both colors that match and would work well with your palette. I think the bouquets though, would look great made up with a few different purple flowers and either the silver grey peony or the grey pussy willow branches as accents. You could always use silver sparkle ting as accents as well. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Cat’s Purple and Grey Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Silver Grey Peony, Lavender Ecuador Rose, Purple Anemone, Platinum Grey Revere Bowl, Cream Purple Anemone Bouquet, Grey Pussy Willow Branch, Antique Purple Orchid, Premium Blue Rose Bud, Blue Anemone, Eggplant Pansy Bush, Gunmetal Silver Pins.