Carnation Wedding Flowers

Carnations can easily be brushed off as inexpensive flowers that only make an appearance around Valentine’s Day and at High School dances.  But perceptions can be wrong.  Carnations are making a splash in the wedding world as a more recent, popular wedding flower due impart to their versatility and affordability.

I’ve gathered up some creative, modern carnation wedding flower arrangement ideas to prove my point.  Trust me; these aren’t your mother’s carnations.  Found in a variety of colors, part of the right arrangement and also used to create affordable pomanders or flower balls you’ll see why carnations are a must for your wedding flowers.

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Popping with color

Carnations are not limited to the traditional red, pink or white.  They come in almost any color imaginable blue, purple, green, yellow.  Making them an ideal wedding flower choice to fit your décor color scheme. Carnations work great as your primary wedding flower in arrangements or as fillers adding a pop of color.

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Chic Arrangements

Most people might think carnations are limited to those single stem carnations someone might send you on Valentine’s Day, but our carnation wedding flower bouquet and centerpiece inspiration prove them wrong.

Carnations grouped together create a sense of volume.  Used in bouquet arrangements, group one color of carnations or several different hues to create a voluminous bouquet with presence.  Used in the right way with the right bouquet style carnations make beautiful wedding flower choice.  Bring the whole look together with a satin ribbon to wrap your stems in accented with a bouquet clip or jeweled pin.

Think outside the vase when it comes to creating carnation centerpieces for you reception.  The pink planter, carnation centerpiece from will make you look twice.  They have created a beautiful arrangement that goes beyond any traditional take on centerpieces.  Seen in our fresh flower, lavender collection carnations are a beautiful way to add an accent to centerpieces with multiple types of flowers.

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The World of Pomanders

Because of their volume carnations are an ideal choice for DIY pomanders or flower balls.  Carnation stems will cost you less money per stem and also on your overall quantity needed to create a flower ball.  Pomanders can be incorporated into your décor in many ways.  Flower girls look adorable coming down the aisle holding a pomander and a ribbon handle.  They can be used as pew or chair decorations down your aisles at the ceremony or hung as décor at your reception.  Assemble them beforehand and you’ll have a hassle free time setting them up the day of your wedding.

These carnation wedding flower ideas and arrangements are definitely a step away from the tradition thoughts of carnations.  But the best is saved for last.  Carnations are loved by many modern brides because they are so affordable.  Silk or real flowers, carnations will cost you a fraction of the cost of other floral stems.  When you are talking about incorporating hundreds of stems into arrangements for bouquets, centerpieces and other décor accents that savings is huge!

So what are your thoughts? Ya or nay to carnations.  Leave them for Valentines Day or give them a fresh, modern take for your special day?

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