Bright and Bold Silk Wedding Flowers ~ Maureen’s Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo: Everything That Sparkles

{Maureen’s Request}
My wedding is in November 2013. I am trying to DIY flowers. Bouquets, boutineers & centerpieces. My theme is casual, easy going not formal but not rustic either. It is my second marriage but first wedding . My colors are brights. The picture below will be part of the center pieces. I was thinking of one on each side of floral center. The tables are 8′ round and will have a runner the same color as the vases/ lanterns. I am thinking each table will be a single color of lanterns & runner but the center floral will incorporate all the colors and some white. The second picture is a early idea I had but I want to dress it up some. I like a variety of flowers, shapes, dimensions etc. I would like to include belles of Ireland. The vases are now 7″ cylinders, not the beta vases shown. The bouquets , mine & maid of honor( only attendant) would be a little larger & more elaborate than the center pieces. Boutineers for groom & our 3 sons, corsage (wrist) for 2 mothers. I really hope you can help. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!!

{Maureen’s Bouquet & Centerpiece Details}
You have a gorgeous start on your idea and arrangements already! Here is a little more inspiration from Everything That Sparkles for you bouquets and even the centerpiece flowers. Bouquet can be recreated with Red Anemones, Fushcia Peonies, Yellow Ranunculus, Yellow Billy Buttons, Purle Orchids, and Green Bells of Ireland. Complete your centerpieces with the colored glass vases and votives and finish your bouquet with a bold satin ribbon. Happy Planning, LeAnne

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