Bridesmaid Dress Trends

There is no question that the bride is the main attraction on her wedding day.  But we can’t forget about a girl’s best friends on her special day.  No, I’m not talking about diamonds but a girl’s real, true best friends that she has asked to be part of her bridal party as bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids, or I should clarify bridesmaids dresses have gotten a bad rap over the years.  Poofy, frilly or gaudy dresses are a nightmare haunting anyone that holds the honor of carrying the bridesmaid title.  Flashes of Katherine Heigl in the movie 27 Dresses appear in front of my eyes when you say the words: bridesmaid dresses.

Now I might be getting carried away here, not every bridesmaid dress is hideous and brides do have the best intentions when selecting dress choices.  It is however hard to please everyone, especially taking into account different body sizes and styles preferred by each bridesmaid.

That said, is there still hope for bridesmaids out there?  The Journal and Courier online recently posted, “Fashion: Fun, Flirty looks on Trend for Bridesmaids this Wedding Season” reports, “the newest trend in wedding fashion is mismatched bridesmaid dresses.” This leaves a bride one of two choices.  The first one being, “the bride picks a color and allows the bridesmaids to choose the style of the dress.” The second choice, “the bride may even allow them to select the hue.”

Multicolored Bridesmaid Dresses & Styles
Multicolored Bridesmaid Dresses & Styles; multicolored-; silver monotone with different styles-; pink/peach with different styles-; multicolored with bouquets-

What are your thoughts on this wedding fashion trend?  Yea or Nay to allowing bridesmaids to hold some decision making power?

Same hue, different styles is one option.  Bridesmaids can select their own style of dress whether it is long, short, tea length, strapless or not ect. to best suit their style and body type.  The bride can specify the hue to ensure some continuity and helping to coordinate wedding decor.

Tip: Brides considering this trend should set some specifications.  There are a lot of variations of blue in the color spectrum.  Brides need to be specific. suggests if choosing a specific hue and allowing the bridesmaids to select a style ask them to stick within a specific brand.  They will be afforded options for dresses and the bride will get the same hue in all the dresses not variations of one color.

Fun Color.  Another fashion trend is allowing bridesmaids freedom to pick there own color dress.  Bridal parties let loose with multicolored and styled dresses.  This trend might not be the best fit for a more formal wedding ceremony but it is a fun twist on tradition.  A summer, rustic, whimsical or even vintage wedding theme would be fun with this trend.

Tip: If bridesmaids are to pick their own color dress this will still require some coordination on the bride’s part.  Communicate who has what color so there are no doubles.  Also set the spectrum for colors you are looking for, pastels, solid hues or brights?

One last thing to remember if you are having fun with bridesmaid’s dresses, don’t forget the guys!  Let groomsmen have some fun with multicolored ties. Boutonnieres and bridal party bouquets can be kept simple with monotone or neutral wedding flowers, playing up the bridesmaid dress trend.