Bridal Jewelry Finds

Thursday’s How To post we were talking about how to score affordable jewelry to complete your bridal look.

“Don’t feel the pinch of your dwindling budget and start to skimp on your dream, fairy tale wedding look.  Accessories and the little extras are going to be the first thing you’ll start to cut or cut back on when your budget starts to bulge at its seams.”

I brought up two ideas, resources to help you score beautiful yet affordable jewelry.  Jewels by Park Lane is a company that would provide you an avenue to host a jewelry party with friends and earn credits and special hostess privileges in the end helping you pay for your choice of wedding day bling. was a second option, an online market place that offers handmade or vintage goods for sale buy individual sellers. lets you define your jewelry search, price range and showcases countless of talented artists from around the world.

So I’m back today with the Bridal Jewelry Finds Posts to feature a few of my favorite finds from the Jewels by Park Lane Bridal Collection, along with some great options  from my bridal jewelry search.  And if I’m doing a jewelry inspiration post I had to give mention to an old friend of mine, gemologist and author behind, a jewelry blog that includes endless talk about all things sparkly.

Jewels By Park Lane

Jewels by Park Lane Breathtaking Necklace

The Jewels by Park Lane Bridal Collection divides their jewelry looks into categories, the “Breathtaking” necklace above is featured in the Galmorous section.  It is a bib collar necklace that will fall at right about your collar bone with clusters of beautiful, sparkling cubic ziconias.  The necklace is a tightly knit arrangement of round and pear shaped cz, available with beautiful, dangling earrings to match. The “Breathtaking” set is a hostess only collection, illustrating another benefit to hosting your own party.

Jewels by Park Lane, Happiness Necklace

My second pick from the bridal collection is the Happiness necklace.  Strung on a 16 inch silver chain, faux pearls and paved crystal encrusted spheres are a beautiful, simple and sophisticated look.  The pearls would be a classic, romantic touch to your bridal look with a hint of sparkle and bling in the crystal spheres.  Pair it with matching earrings or pearl bracelet., oyster earrings, seller: madebysam

Coming off our pearl Jewels by Park Lane look, I thought these oyster pearl and gold earrings were a unique, romantic look.  They are simple yet uniquely different.  A true classic look with gold and romantic pearls that would set nice against your wedding updo.  Available at madebysam for under $25, a great deal that wont skimp on your look. Chapel window earrings, seller scared cake

This next one is why I love, where else could you get “Chapel Window” earrings?  They are a “lovely tear drop shaped shabby vintage bridal earrings created from aged brass settings and shabby old mercury glass type insets with a beautiful texture that catches the light.”  This would be a fabulous look for any vintage or rustic bride, definitely some non-traditional bling.

Gem Gossip

The last two bridal jewelry finds are from a site that touches on latest trends and has some great finds.  She also just had a mention in March’s issue of  In Style Magazine.

Vintage V Ring from

Loved this vintage V-shaped ring, something different still with a classic look.  The gold and diamonds would easily match a variety of bridal looks.  A great reminder to keep an eye out for vintage jewelry pieces whether this is your “something old” a family member might be willing to let you borrow for your special day or you’re able to find something similar to this look online or at a local vintage jeweler.

featured on, diamond in the rough ring

Lady’s can you imagine this as your wedding ring?  Most of us can keep dreaming right.  I thought this was an interesting trend discussed on diamond’s in the raw.  Big with celebrities when introduced in 2005, 2009 continued the trend with a bridal collection that saw alot of brides walking down the aisle with “diamonds in the raw”.  If you like this look keep this trend in mind when looking for bridal jewelry and go for a larger, dense stone or gem.

I hope you enjoyed this afternoon’s eye candy!  Some great finds and a little inspiration to help you in just one of your many phases of wedding planning.  Enjoy!