Bre’s Fuchsia Peony Inspiration Board

Bre writes:

Help!!! I’m lost, My Dress is Ivory and my Bridesmaid Dresses are like a rose/fuchsia color, I love peonies and I was looking at the cream rose bouquets but I want to incorporate some color. Sincerely lost.

Bre, I appreciate that you included a picture of your bridesmaid’s dress.  It really helped in selecting just the right inspiration photo from Kuga Designs.  This colorful bouquet contains: Fuchsia Cream Tulips, Cream Roses, Pink Roses, and Peony Buds.  If you would like to take a shortcut, the Premade Peony, Rose & Ranunculus Bouquet just needs Floral Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


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