Blue & Cream White Wedding Flowers ~ Stella’s Inspiration Board

Stella writes:  My color scheme is light blue, black, and white with silver accents.  The theme is simple and chic with Frank Sinatra and Michael Bubble music . I am stuck on a bouquet.  I love hydrangeas, roses, and peonies. Thanks


Bouquet Inspiration:  Alamo Plants & Petals

To recreate this Blue & Cream Inspiration Bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 2 Blue Hydrangeas
  2. 5 Cream White Roses
  3. 5 Cream Tulips
  4. 3 Blue Muscari
  5. 4 Cream Peonies Buds
  6. 5 Rhinestone Jewel Picks
  7. Blue & Cream Hydrangea & Rose Bouquet for your bridesmaids.
  8. Wrap each bouquet with Black Garbo Ribbon.