Black, White & Royal Blue Centerpiece Inspiration

Nicole writes:

Hi, I’m getting married May 26th, 2012. I originally picked my colors of black and white. My fiance is insisting we add royal blue to the mix, and since he is actually taking a roll in the wedding planning; I’m open to it, but would like some ideas on how to incorporate the three colors into the centerpiece and reception decorations. I already know for my bridal bouquet I will have a royal blue bouquet, but I’m lost as to everything else. Please help!

Nicole there are so many options we have available.  You have chosen 3 popular colors:  Black, White & Royal Blue.  The elegant Black Tulle Chairback with Open Rose adornment is quick and easy.  The stunning Black & White Sphere Centerpiece has Mitsumata Branches, Kissing Balls, Hanging Pearls & our new Decorative Rock Vase Filler.  The Pure White Sophia Roses in the Cylinder Vases & the Bud Roses in the small votive cups, are from our special Garden Rose Collection and are completely submersible.  This allow for a gorgeous realistic table display.  Don’t forget the romance of an illuminated table by using:  Candle Filled Votive Cups and our sparkling Faux Diamond Table Runner, sprinkled with Acrylic Ice.  All the color suggestions are interchangeable:   You can substitute Black or Blue Open Roses for each of the Rose Centerpieces & Chairback, use Glittering Black Branches in a Cylinder Vase with Royal Blue Vase Filler and sprinkle the table with Silk Rose Petals.  I wish you all the best.  Happy Planning! Mindy

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