Ashley’s Purple, White, and Black Wedding Inspiration Board

Ashley writes:
“Hello Leanne,
I am having so much trouble with flowers for my wedding. My original thought was for the bridesmaids to carry bright purple hydrangeas but I have been told that it might be too dark on the black dresses. Is there anyway I can incorporate a little white. My main three colors are black (bridesmaid dresses), white, and purple (accents).
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Ashley, I created your inspiration board with flowers in purple and white. I don’t think the purple looks too dark against black, especially if you went with a bolder, brighter shade. I used orchids, roses, hydrangea, and lisianthus on your board in both colors. Any combination of these flowers will look great for your bouquets. I would suggest perhaps making the bouquet all one color (purple for example) and then using a hydrangea cluster in the opposite color for contrast and to make them stand out. Wrap a black ribbon around the bouquet stems to complete the look. I hope this helps!

Items used to create Ashley’s Purple, White, and Black Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

White Lisianthus, Lavender Purple Cymbidium Orchid, Orchid Purple Rose Bud, White Triple Pearl Pins, Black Sheer Ribbon, Premium White Hydrangea, Orchid Purple Hydrangea, White Ecuador Open Rose, White Ceasar Orchid.

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