Ashley’s Purple, Orange, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board

Ashley writes:
“Hello! I am a recently engaged bride to be who is extremely indecisive. I think my wedding will be in June of 2011 outside but that’s about all I’ve got. I love gerberas, the spider ones too, and calla lilies. I’m a huge fan of color but I like dark colors too. I want something fun, funky, different but still classy. My original color scheme was dark purple, yellow and white but I’m beginning to love the orange flowers I see on this website. Any ideas you can come up with I would really appreciate.
Thank you!

Ashley, I created your inspiration board with flowers in orange, yellow, and a few different shades of purple as well as some greens. This way, you can take a look at all the colors together and pick which you like best. Pairing oranges and yellows with a dark purple will really be a contrasting and bold look — which is very stunning. If you think it’s too extreme, you could always do a lighter orchid purple with the 2 colors — which is still nice and bright, just not as contrasting. Adding in some green will brighten the bouquet even more — and I just love the green and purple together! Any combination of the flowers on this board will look amazing though. I hope this helps!

Items used to create Ashley’s Purple, Orange, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Yellow Gerbera Daisy, Eggplant Gerbera Daisy, Green Spider Dahlia, Orange Gerbera Daisy, Purple Calla Lily, Orchid Hydrangea, Green Real Touch Calla Lily, Flame Calla Lily, Eggplant Calla Lily.