Artistic, Color Rich Inspired Wedding Theme

O'Keefe watercolor, art installation


I was an art major in college, my favorite medium has to be watercolors, one of my favorite artists is Georgia O’Keefee.  Watercolors create such a soft, yet color powerful image individually unique to the organic forms the paint, water and brushes make.  O’Keeffe is notably known for her large feminine images of flowers. If you take a closer look you’ll see a strong, independent woman who pioneered the way for women artists, all the while creating beautiful images.

I’m going to take a few of my favs along with some great inspiration photos from and the online wedding world.  We’ll pair the beauty, serenity of watercolors and the organic floral forms with a boost of style that you can get with a little artistic creativity when your willing “to paint outside the box”.

From your wedding flowers for your bridal flower bouquets to creative DIY wedding project ideas, here’s your guide for an Artistic, Color Rich Wedding Theme.

spectrum hues wedding cake

Rich, Saturated Color

The watercolor medium, or how it works, is going to influence our color rich wedding palette.  The saturation of your color choice, when working with watercolors, is determined by the amount of water you add to the paint.  The combinations made by adding and subtracting can give you an array of different hues with one color, from a soft pink to a vivid fuschia.

This cake from is a beautiful example of the spectrum of color saturation you can get from one color.  Simplicity and color choice make this cake beautiful for any romantic or rustic wedding.


pink hue wedding flower bouquet

Feminine Florals

What I explained in our color category is going to transition into our wedding flower color choice.  Pick one or two wedding flower colors, mix with scale of saturated hues.  Take an example from pink on pink Daisy and Rose hand bouquet from, although the roses and gerbera daisies are close to the same hue there is still enough interest in the details of texture and style.  Both are traditional wedding flower choices, rose forever romantic and the daisy a bit more girlie and fun, combined they are a unique play on the ordinary.

A queue to take from O’Keeffe is to make your wedding floral choices a main focal point.  Celebrate their beauty, color and style them to fit, if not make, your wedding theme.  O’Keeffe is known for her larger than life renditions, taking a closer look at ordinary everyday beauty.  You don’t have to go overboard and splurge on big ticket wedding flower arrangements.  This is a great category to use a few DIY wedding project ideas and create your own floral arrangements using silk wedding flowers, possibly saving hundreds, if not more, on your wedding budget.

watercolor wedding invite

Wedding Trends

Watercolor detailed wedding invitations are a popular trend on wedding stationary sites. features a color rich, organic floral form invite, available to customize with your monogram.  The invite captures the delicacy of artistic watercolors, beauty of floral forms, while staying rich with saturated color.  A fitting introduction to an Artistic, Color Rich Wedding.

While it would take quite a bit of skill and time to pull off your own DIY watercolor invites, you could go an easier route and make your own DIY wedding escort table tent cards.  Use several large sheets of watercolor paper, I prefer cold press (note the type of paper makes a huge difference, watercolor paper is thick pressed to work with saturated paints).  Using one or two colors, vary the saturation of each color, you can also let colors blend together.  Once your done creating your own organic watercolor forms on paper let your creation dry.  After the paper has dried, you can cut the large piece into smaller desired sizes to fold table tent cards. Hand write the name of each guest over the watercolor designed paper for a custom handmade touch.

art installation wedding project

Inspired by Art

We’ve kept it feminine, beautiful and soft, but it’s time to step up our game.  Doing so with this unique one of a kind DIY wedding project pulling from our art inspiration.  Once I saw this on I immediately added it to my favorite list.  At first glance this DIY rolled paper art installation captures and demands your attention.  The bride created an original, organic flowing design by varying colors of rollled paper combining them into this one of a kind, unique installation which sat at the head of the bridal table.

Wow, about sums it up.  While I can’t imagine or begin to describe the amount of time and talent this installation took from the bride, it does go to show how far an original, creative idea can go.  Making the attempt to “paint outside the box” with a few DIY wedding projects will result in a thoughtful and personalized custom wedding.  A look that will pay off.


I hope our Artistic, Color Rich Wedding Theme inspired you in your wedding planning.  Remember to take the simplicity and beauty of color along with some personalized touches to customize your wedding day.  Guests will appreciate the thoughtful, personalized details and you’ll save big on your wedding budget by going with a few DIY wedding projects.  Don’t forget you can now search our blog by COLOR!  Another great feature to help you plan your special day.

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