Around the World with 30 Wedding Ceremonies

Destination weddings can be the perfect way to celebrate your special day.  For a bride and groom looking to get away with a small group of close family and friends destination weddings can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day.

Planning your wedding day using vendors and resources thousands of miles away can prove to add a new challenge to your wedding planning.  Can you imagine having to do it more than once?  One couple has made it their mission to travel around the world with 30 weddings.  Featured in a post on, the site shares some beautiful photographs of just some of the couple’s 23 wedding ceremonies in different countries and explains the inspiration that started their journey. introduces us to the couple,“Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant have made it their mission to not only travel the world together, but to throw a wedding in each country that they visit.  By the end of the trip, they will select one destination to throw a final hurrah with loved ones present and make their marriage legal.”

Around the World Weddings;

Setting out in their camper the couple finds more meaning in their goal to travel the world than seeing the common tourist destinations.  “The point of our journey is to experience the way other cultures celebrate marriage. It is one thing the whole world has in common—unity.”

Planning a destination wedding can take into account a lot of details, how to you plan for 30 wedding ceremonies all in different locales?  “They use word-of-mouth and social media to contact vendors and loved ones who would be interested in providing their services for free or at minimal cost.”

Are you inspired by Pelling and Gant’s ambition to reach 30 destination wedding ceremonies as they see the world, their beautiful wedding locations or their romantic love story to follow their dreams together?

While they might make a few of us jealous just looking at those gorgeous wedding photos in multiple destination locations, Pelling and Gant do teach any engage couple an important lesson.  Be true to yourselves, share and experience the regular everyday together.  Important things to live by and build your marriage by.

see more pictures on the couple’s blog:


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