Apple Red and Peridot Green Wedding Inspiration Board

“Please help with an inspiration board. The colors are ivory, sage, and wine. My niece has chosen the apple and peridot color from Davids Bridal.”

I created this inspiration board with mostly flowers in red with hints of gray-green and ivory. The peridot color is such a light green, that many of the green flowers are too bold to match it. I think the bouquets would look great made up of red and ivory flowers with the gray-green eucalyptus as an accent to bring in the green. Perhaps make the bouquets with burgundy and vanilla roses, red orchids, and gray-green eucalyptus. I hope this helps!

Dresses from David’s Bridal.

Item’s used to create the Apple Red and Peridot Green Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

9.5″ Mini Rose Bouquet in Burgundy – SLK-HBQ326-BU

25″ Eucalyptus Spray in Green Gray – SLK-QSE107-GR/GY

23″ Eucalyptus Spray in Green – SLK-QE7181-GR

23″ Premium Open Rose in Burgundy – SLK-FR2007-BU

28″ Latex Calla Lily Spray in Crimson – SLK-GTL819-CS/TT

23″ Premium Open Rose in Vanilla – SLK-FR2007-VA

29″ Phalaenopsis Orchid in Crimson – SLK-GTO004-CS/RE

5/8″ Garbo Ribbon in Red – GYR-162-3-09


  1. Thank you so much, I love the flowers you used! I love the eucalyptus, I didn't think about it at all when I was racking my brain for ideas. Thank you again!!

  2. I love this board!!! I was thinking of eucaluptus and crimson red roses all along and everybody said, You can't do that… Thanks to you, they can see it is possible. It looks lovely! Thank you for publishing! Cara

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