Angela’s Victorian Lilac and Charcoal Gray Inspiration Board

Angela writes:
“Hi, my name is Angela, and I am getting married in October 2010. My colors are victorian lilac and charcoal gray. I found your website and thought it was really neat how you created these brides to help out brides, so I was really hoping that you could create a board for me using these colors to help give me some ideas. Thank you.”

Angela, I created your inspiration board using various shades of purple with silver/gray accents. I included purples that matched the dress, as well as a few darker colors and even a periwinkle (which I just love paired with soft purple and gray/silver). I think the bouquets would look beautiful created with the periwinkle dahlia, lavender roses, with the antique lavender hydrangeas. If you want to add in a deeper color, use the sweetpea instead of the hydrangea. Then, you can accent your bouquet with beautiful gray eucalyptus and wrap the bouquet stems with a silver ribbon.

Dress from David’s Bridal.

Items used to create Angela’s Victorian Lilac and Charcoal Gray Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

24″ Ecuador Rose Bud in Lavender – SLK-GSG038-LV

22″ Sweetpea Spray in Dark Lavender – SLK-FSS831-LV/DK

18″ Hydrangea in Antique Lavender – SLK-FSH035-LV/AT

8″ Plastic Revere Bowl in Platinum – VAC-490 PLATINUM

33″ Eucalyptus Spray in Gray – SLK-ZPS904-GY

11″ Anemone and Rose Bouquet – SLK-FBQ341-LV/PU

25″ Spider Dahlia Spray in Periwinkle – SLK-FSD533-PR

28″ Ecuador Open Rose in Lavender – SLK-GSG037-LV