Amie’s Pool Blue, Pink, and White Wedding Inspiration Board

Aime writes:
“Hello! My brother is getting married August 21st, and they’ve asked me to do their bouquets. We’re using silk flowers, and they want their favorite flowers included, roses and lilies. They chose some small pink flowers, the lilies, and they want pool blue roses. My problem is I feel like it needs something and I can’t figure out what! They’ve said they want me to do whatever I think is best, but I’m not sure! I thought about maybe some yellow in there. what do you think? The dresses are pool blue from david’s bridal. Thanks!

Aime, I created your inspiration board with mostly accent pieces. Since you already have the main flowers picked out, you just need either another flower type to complete the look or that extra something to spice up the bouquets! I think yellow compliments the pool blue and pink nicely — perhaps you could add in a soft yellow rose. If they don’t want the yellow, you could go with a cream white rose to make the bouquets look fuller. Instead of adding another flower, you could add some white feather, jewel picks, or beautiful grass greenery to give the bouquet that something special. I hope this helps!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Aime’s Pool Blue, Pink, and White Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Clear Rhinestone Picks, Soft Yellow Half Opening Rose, Turquoise Garbo Ribbon, Pink Rose Bud Boutonniere, Assorted Pink Pins, White Marabou Feathers, Spider Leaf Bush in Green Pink, Cream White Open Bloom Rose, Turquoise Gerbera Daisy.