Amanda’s Blue and White Wedding Inspiration Board

Amanda writes:
Brilliant website, I came across it randomly whilst searching for the hundredth time for some inspiration for my wedding flowers.

I am getting married in December 2010 and going for a winter wonderland theme. My colours are white, ice blue and black. Please help with some ideas for my bouquet & the bridesmaids.
Thank you

Amanda, I created your inspiration board with flowers in white and blue. I think your bouquets would look beautiful made up white roses, white peonies, and blue hydrangeas. Wrap satin ribbon around the bouquet stems to bring the black colored in. To fancy up the bouquets, you could also add some crystal sprays, rhinestone picks, or even shorter glittered branches — adding even more of a sparkling wonderland look to the flowers. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Dress from Essence Designs. Items used to create Amanda’s Blue and White Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Blue Rose Bud, Premium White Hydrangea (coming soon), Clear Rhinestone Picks, Black Satin Ribbon, Snow White Peony, Silver Sparkle Birch Branches, Blue Hydrangea (coming soon), White Open Rose.