Alternative Wedding Guestbooks

Your Wedding Guestbook captures your guests’ sentiments on your big day, letting you look back and remember those who were there to celebrate the first step of your journey as Mr. & Mrs. It is quite common, if not the norm, to have a guest sign-in book at your wedding. But I have a question: Who says it has to be a book?

Here are a few alternative, fun, and somewhat funky ideas for an alternative wedding guestbook for your big day, with a few DIY tips along the way. Now I must warn you, these are not your mother’s wedding guestbooks.

Vintage Typewriter

I’m  going to start you off slow, with this fun typewriter-written message. You can purchase monogramed stationary or include the names of Mr. & Mrs. and your wedding date on the top of each page and allow each guest to type a few well-wishes to the bride and groom. Make sure they know to include who the message is from.


Reused Romance

Leave out a felt tipped pen with a vintage dictionary or romance novel and instruct guests to circle words and include messages to the married couple.


Fabric Notes

Fabric scrap notes mix up the traditional paper message.  This bride featured on 100 layer cake blog had guests sign fabric scraps that were then tied to a laundry line and displayed. For another more permanent fabric guestbook, prepare fabric squares for guests to sign that can later be sewn into a beautiful keepsake quilt. You can also have the quilt sewn beforehand with spaces for guests to sign. Fabric pens would be ideal to preserve any writing.


Make Your Own Puzzle

Another alternative: purchase a blank wooden puzzle and have wedding guests sign different pieces of the puzzle.  Wouldn’t this be a great keepsake to pull out each wedding anniversary and assemble with your partner?


Thumbprint Tree

This thumbprint tree allows each guest to leave their mark and sign their name. Matted and framed, this would make a great addition to your newlywed home. You can even match stamp ink color to your season (e.g. oranges and yellows for fall weddings).


Wish Tree

The Wish Tree, with roots as a traditional Dutch custom, allows guests to sign or leave messages on pieces of paper hung on decorative tree branches. Paper pieces could be shaped as leaves, stationary labels, or cardstock in different colors as long as there’s a way for guests to hang their paper on the tree branches. Display written instructions or a message to guests in a nice frame, and include a decorative pen for them to sign with.


Links of Love

Looking for something fun to mix up your reception?  This last one, Links of Love, is a bit of a throwback to elementary school art projects.  Featured on 100 Layer Cake Blog it is described as: an interactive paper link chain, which guests “grow” as they write notes of congratulations and add their links.  This might be the guestbook alternative you and your guests would have the most fun with!  Taking lots of photos of the process will help capture the magical energy of the day.


In the past, guestbooks were used as a way to organize names, addresses but they now can offer you so much more as a keepsake to your wedding day.

Whether you choose something more traditional or one of our featured alternatives to a wedding guestbook there is one important thing to remember….make sure everyone signs it!  Especially if you do go with a more non-traditional guestbook, make sure guests know where it is to sign and what it is they are suppose to do.

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