2013 Wedding Trends: Where Are We At?

In the mist of June, the 2013 Wedding season is at it’s peak.  I’ve been posting about top wedding trends to keep an eye out for this year since January.  As we’ve made it half way through the year which trends have stuck or gone bust?

The wedding trend posts this year have hit upon just about every aspect of your wedding day from decor and fashion style to color palettes and wedding themes.

2013 Wedding Trends;
2013 Wedding Trends; ombre dress- 100layercake.com; colorful bridal party & bridesmaids- ruffledblog.com; emerald green fashion- bklynbrideonline.com; art deco table- Jamilah Photography on styleunveiled.com

Color Palettes and Wedding Themes

At the start of the year everyone was a buzz about a few things, one being the hot new Art Deco/ 1920’s vintage wedding theme and another Pantone’s 2013 color of the year, Emerald Green.

The Art Deco wedding theme came right at the heels of the vintage wedding that has held strong in popularity throughout several past several wedding seasons.  Also influential was the highly publicized “The Great Gatsby” Movie.  Found on just about every wedding blog at the beginning of the year this trend seems to have fizzled down to more irregular posts; still holding out stronger is the more generalized vintage wedding theme.

Pantone’s Emerald Green peaked in the Spring wedding months.  A more rich, deeper hue it may see more of a revival at the break of summer and into the fall and winter months.  bklynbrideonline.com‘s recent post “The Not Wedding NYC recap” shows the wedding world Emerald Green is still holding strong in both fashion and wedding decor.

Decor, Fashion, Style

There are a few fashion trends that have become big hitters in the 2013 wedding realm.  From cross over trends like the ombre to bridal accessories the flower crown and a new spin on bridesmaid’s dresses.

100layercake.com and ruffledblog.com showcase that these trends are still in play and how they are worked into some fabulous peak season weddings.  The flower crown emerged late last season on the runway and at celebrity weddings like Natalie Portman’s nuptials.  It works as a rustic, whimsical bridal accessory and a fun way to incorporate flowers and hues into more than just a floral bouquet.

The ombre is a cross over trend from decor and fashion that has made appearances in new areas such as wedding dresses, reception table dresses, invitations to nail art.  Another “it” fashion trend are non-traditional bridesmaid’s dresses.  Just this past month I blogged about “Bridesmaid Dress Trends”, brides are opting to let bridesmaids have more options and playing around with brighter color palettes.  Ruffledblog.com gives us a variation on this trend with colorful sashes worn by bridesmaids and just as bright multi- colored ties worn by the groomsmen.

2013 has given us a variety of new wedding trends along with carrying out some old favorites, only half way through the year and we’re just winding up.