Twenties Twist: 1920s-Inspired Wedding

From flapper fashion to short, sleek cuts, the Roaring Twenties is one of our most coveted style eras—so we were excited to see these effortlessly chic, uniquely feminine looks popping up on runways and aisles everywhere. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a traditional ceremony or a casual daytime bash, versatile 20s-inspired hair and makeup fits the bill and adds a burst of stylish sophistication.

So, ladies, let’s break out of the bun rut. Set the chignon free. Abandon the neutral lip and the ho-hum headpieces. And get ready to wow him Gatsby-style.

20s Look to Love #1: Finger Waves

Is there anything more romantic than finger waves? Perfect for under a veil, blusher or simply pinned back with a dazzling clip or comb, finger waves are easy to create and even easier to maintain so you can dance the night away knowing your hair is always picture-perfect.

Bonus: finger waves are a great go-to for shorthaired brides. No need to grow out your sleek bob for the big day—finger waves and a great blusher, barrette or headband will leave even the long-haired ladies envious.



20s Look to Love #2: The Bold Lip

Move over, nude! Bold, lined lips are the perfect complement to a vintage head-to-toe look, and are a great way to emphasize your flawless complexion—or give you the appearance of one if wedding planning wreaked havoc on your skin.

Rest assured, traditional brides: this look is far from being over-the-top when paired with a neutral, understated eye and subtle cheek accents. The bold lip is a statement piece by itself, so let it stand out—and alone—and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re fair-skinned try a bright pink to warm up your features. Medium-toned brides should go with coral shades or anything with a red undertone, while darker-skinned girls can rock just about any thing, from bold reds to sharp oranges.

Once you’ve got your bold lip, make sure it lasts all night long: grab a lip liner that matches your lipstick color to maximize your pout and keep a clean seal through the toasts, dances and countless pics.



20s Look to Love #3: Clips & Bands

The 20s were all about eye-catching hair accessories. From clips and bands to combs and barrettes, of-the-moment stylistas decorated their ‘dos with anything and everything. Art deco pieces are making a massive comeback, bringing a burst of sparkle and touch of vintage to aisles from coast to coast. For a truly retro look, style your headband flapper style: like a sweat band. While today’s brides tend to wear bands pushed back towards the center of their heads, our favorite 20s style inspirations wore them farther forward, right above the forehead.

No matter what accessory you’re looking for, Johanna Johnson makes show-stopping stunners that are perfect for the ceremony and reception. Bride on a budget? Snag a more affordable piece on Etsy.