Great Wedding Flower Tips from Expert Wedding Planner

The summer wedding season is underway.  Late spring and summer weddings are a popular time to get married and celebrities aren’t left out in this trend.  Celebrities alike are taking advantage of all the season has to offer from the Zukerberg wedding we featured recently to all the buzz Drew Barrymore and her new beau have been generating this past week.

Celebrity weddings always draw a lot of media and attention don’t we all wish we could have a little insight into how they plan for their special day.  Celebrities are lucky enough to have some of the best in the wedding industry helping them plan their weddings.  A post from Huffington Post, Huffpost Weddings by Anne Chertoff Celebrity Event Planner Colin Cowie shares a few “Secrets to Throwing an A-list Wedding at Any Budget”.

Cowie has over 25 years experience planning amazing and A-list weddings, when it comes to wedding flowers he shares,  “flowers can be very costly, but again by being creative there are many ways to find beauty without masses of expensive flowers”.  Cowie’s suggestion for a wedding table scape on a budget is to use several vases or vessels and plan your wedding flowers with price in mind.    “Use the most expensive in the smallest and the least expensive in the biggest. Use materials like spider mums, roses, and foliage which are not expensive and brings it alive by incorporating lots of candles.”

Cowie’s tips for your wedding flowers are great.  You don’t have to skimp on your wedding look because you’re trying to stay within a budget.  With a little extra planning and paying closer attention to what you get for your money you can pair the right weddings flowers with the right arrangement to get the right wedding look.

Silk wedding flowers will save you money in your wedding budget as apposed to the real thing.   With the right planning you can fill in wedding flower arrangements with inexpensive foliage and flower sprays.  Cowie also gave a fabulous tip reminding you to fill in and accent any wedding flower arrangement with candles.  Candles are inexpensive and a fabulous prop to set a romantic ambience to your special day while still highlighting the beauty of your wedding flower arrangements.

Photo credits: assorted vases with white/spray flowers; candle lit table scape pinterest upload user: ebbyface; rustic assorted vases; country chic wedding; white/pink with candles


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