Winter Wedding Ideas


Get ready for your winter wedding with some fantastic DIY design ideas!  The very talented Ariel, of PMQ for Two, shares her unique and wonderfully colorful style to create a floral bouquet, centerpiece, and boutonnieres that are just perfect for the winter bride.


It all starts with a color palette and a little inspiration. For the table, Ariel “tried to draw on natural shades and hues, with pops of blue and pink,” and for the bouquet she went with blues and whites to communicate that winter wedding feel.

Wedding Centerpiece


For the Winter Wedding Centerpiece you will need a birch vase, preserved cedar, artificial pine, berries in blue & gray, eucalyptus, and pinecone sprays.  Hold each stem up to the vase to measure where to trim them.  Once you have trimmed them to size, arrange them in the birch vase.  Bend the wire stems so that some of the greenery drapes over the side of the vase.  “The vibrant greens support the white and taupe of the berry bush, while the muted colours allow the green to shine.”


“No wedding centerpiece is complete without candles.” For the table, balance the height of the centerpiece with lower votives.  Use glass votive holders that compliment the color scheme, with soft pinks, blues, and warm metallics.


Finish your tablescape with a small floral bundle on each place setting.  Ariel uses winter greenery and anemones wrapped in a velvet ribbon for a soft, winter wedding accent.  See the full look HERE.

Winter Bouquet

For the bouquet, Ariel says, “it’s less about symmetry and creating one big ball of the same, and more about lovely constructed arrangements that respect mathematic principles like the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. If you can nail those in your arrangements, you’ll wow and intrigue.”  We couldn’t agree more!


For a wild, winter wedding bouquet gather together faux flowers, greenery, artificial succulents, and filler flowers & berries.


Start with a pre-made silk wedding bouquet and begin adding stems, bundling together in your hand.  For a natural bouquet “add dynamics and motions, while drawing the eye to different aspects. You do this by adding high-low, left to right, and then depth.”


When you are happy with how it looks, bind the flower stems with floral tape and finish with a navy, velvet ribbon.  Find the full guide HERE.


“Boutonnieres don’t get enough attention, and if you ask me, they should. They’re the unsung heroes of the groom’s party…”


One of the best parts of creating your own boutonnieres is that they do not require any additional materials.  Pull together stems and greenery that you used in your bouquets and centerpieces.  This will create a cohesive look, as your boutonnieres incorporate elements from all of your wedding flower arrangements (and also saves you $$$).  Ariel uses blue thistles, winter greenerydusty miller and seeded eucalyptus to create the boutonnieres and wraps them in the same blue velvet from the bouquet.


Hold the stems together between your fingers, the focal stem & greenery accents, and wrap in floral tape to secure them together.  Finish with velvet ribbon.


“These boutonnieres will look so clean and elegant against a suite. They maintain enough whimsy without being feminine.”  You can find the full DIY HERE.

For more faux flower decorating inspiration visit PMQ for Two and find all of the stems used in these wedding floral arrangements on  If you decide to make your own winter wedding flower arrangements using silk flowers, we’d love to see it!  Share your DIY designs with us by adding #Afloral to your Instagram photos.