Top 5 Things to Have on Your Bar Cart

It’s about that time for your annual summer party. Every host knows, food and drinks are essential… and is ready to help you serve your guests in style, with these top 5 things to have on your bar cart!

  1. Iridescent Barware
    Iridescent BartoolsIridescent barware helps give your party venue a lively vibe. It’s a unique and fun way to serve drinks and your guests will be talking about that shimmer and shine all year.

2. Marble and Gold Coasters and Trays!

Home DecorGold TraysMarble and gold coasters and trays are perfect for a modern-styled party! Marble gives such a classy impression, and well.. gold, how could you ever really go wrong with gold decor? Your guests will be feeling like a million bucks, and totally shocked you found these cheap decorations on

3. Beverage Tub
Beverage TubOf course, everyone is looking to have a chilled beverage on a hot day, and this beverage tub is a convenient way to keep drinks cold. It’s such a hassle-free way to keep your bar running smoothly without having to run back and forth to the fridge. It also creates a welcoming and relaxed environment by allowing your guests to freely choose what they would like to drink.

4. Don’t forget the BAR SIGN!
Bar SignYour guests, 21 or older of course, are sure to return to your summer party year after year looking for that big and bold bar sign! Signage is also a great way to make guests feel welcome and it’s a classy way to say “Hey, the alcohol is this way my friends!”

5. Pineapple Decor!!
Pineapple Decor
Pineapple decor, or any fruit decor for that matter, is surely a great way to make it feel like summer. Place these beauties around your party venue, and then use them in your summer home decor after the party.

If you are totally in love with this pineapple decor, be sure to click the link above, as there are so many cute pineapple decor items that we know you’ll love!

We’ve also included some darling little pre-made floral arrangements that are perfect for adding a pop of color to your bar cart!
Pre-made Floral Arrangements
Plan to use some of our chic and trendy tips at your party this summer? Take a picture and tag us on Instagram! We’d love to see what you come up with.