Top 5 Basket Trends We Love (2)
Baskets are a decorating sweetheart, but this year baskets have upped their game.  Here are our top five favorite ways to add baskets to your home decor.

Use a Basket as a Planter
Upgrade your plants with a fresh new planter.  Shop for baskets with liners or simply place your pot in a new woven cover.

Metallic Baskets
Some silver paint or sparkly sequins will give your old baskets a modern makeover.

Wall Decor
Use hand woven baskets to refresh your wall decor.

Hang them Up63650-00_4_

Baskets aren’t the only trend we are seeing. Macramé is another home decorating oldie that has made it’s way back to the goodie list. Why not combine them!

Add a Pom Pom
Give your baskets a fashionable accessory with  pom poms.  We are seeing them on pillows and even rugs so a pom pom on your baskets is a must.