Top 20 Newest Wedding Trends

Top 20 Newest Wedding Trends 2017

image15-15Contributed blog post by Wedding Photographer Denis Boyko

A wedding is the perfect occasion not only to tie the knot and shout out to the world about your love, but also to get together with all your closest friends and relatives. You are free to plan your day in a way that you will really enjoy. The world is constantly changing, so make the most of these developments and use the hottest 2017 wedding trends, from Snap videos to handmade decor, to make your wedding truly unforgettable.     

Alternative Venues
Thanks to the level of contemporary services like catering, decorating etc. an old warehouse, a rustic garden in the middle of nowhere or an empty roof can become an excellent wedding venue with just a few touches.

Destination Wedding
It is not a secret that a destination wedding is often cheaper than a classic one.

For instance, the Dominican Republic is a popular wedding destination thanks to its attractive packages, experienced wedding services and stunning backdrop.  Check out this wedding photographer in Punta Cana to organize your amazing beach wedding photo shoot in the Dominican Republic.

Personal Touch
When everything around you becomes automated and person-to-person interaction is more and more valuable, your personal approach to the wedding will save your special day from being forgotten amongst every other. Take the time to hand write a small note to every guest like a thank you card or welcome letter and you will stand out from the crowd.

Arrange some quality time with your guests.
The wedding day, which is full of events, flies by and sometimes afterwards the bride and the groom realize that they didn’t even have a chance to exchange words with some of their guests. There is a solution – organize a cocktail party on the eve of the wedding and you’ll have plenty of time to chat with your nearest and dearest. Another option is an after-wedding brunch where you can share your impressions from the wedding.

Most likely you will be exhausted after all the wedding preparations and emotional celebration itself and will need a break. A short getaway will do the trick. Just 2-3 days in a nice peaceful place will help you unwind and plan your longer honeymoon in time.

Trash The Dress Photo Session
It is a shame to spend all that money and effort finding a gorgeous gown just to wear it once. A “trash the dress” photo shoot is one of the current wedding trends that gives you the opportunity to be a princess one more time.

Experiences as Gifts
Instead of receiving another tea-set or asking your guests for money, create a cool web page where you put some photos and details about experiences you would like to try as a couple and you friends can contribute some money towards making them a reality.

Independent Designer Rings
Order unique rings from a yet to be discovered jewelry designer. You won’t see the same ones on anyone else and won’t pay that much because new designers can give you a good price in exchange for promoting them to people you know.

Go Green
Perhaps this is the nicest and most popular 2017 wedding trend. Sustainability is the new black. Use natural materials, flowers and a lot of green grass in decorating. Put some flowers in your hair, ban plastic and incorporate some organic ingredients in your menu. You can organize your ceremony in a lovely garden as well.

Boho Beauty
Boho is a versatile and colorful theme that you can play around with. If you like it, it can be a real gem.

Handmade Décor
Exclusive and personally handmade décor will save you money and impress your guests.

Simple Dress
Elegancy is an all-time fashion. As a bonus a simple dress can be worn on other occasions as well. Take a look at some options with open shoulders – still simple, but very attractive. 

Natural Hair and MakeUp
Everything natural is very trendy, makeup not excluded. You’ll look young and fresh with a few highlights and some pink blush. A natural wavy hairstyle will complete your look.    

Fun Activities for Guests
Forget about a formal wedding, have fun with your guests playing games and competing in silly contests.

New Photography Style
Super short films, artistic photography and Instagram friendly snaps are all that you need to capture your trendy wedding.

Candid Shots, Not Portraits
Opting for candid shots instead of staged photos will make your life easier and the results will convey the atmosphere of the day in raw, lively photos. 

Food Art
Instead of a 3-course dinner choose many creative appetizers. Why is it better? It favors socializing and dancing along with Instagram posts featuring your wedding hashtag;)

Cocktail Station
The signature cocktails movement is rising and you can take part in it by creating a special one and naming it after yourselves. 

Late Night Snacks
You don’t want your guests to leave the party just because they get hungry in the middle of the night. Offer some hearty snacks like tacos, falafels or gourmet hot-dogs.

Online Planning
Invitations by email, a personal wedding site, online wedding planners, google calendar and other creative tools are all out there to simplify the organizational process for you. Why not make the most of these free tools?

Professional Short Movie
A high-quality movie capturing not only close ups and exciting emotions, but the whole venue and atmosphere including the use of drones is a really outstanding gift for yourselves. See how they can look here.