#PitBullFlowerPower, Let’s Get These Fur-babies Adopted!

Like many of you, we recently discovered the heart-warming work of Sophie Gamand on Instagram. Sophie is an award winning French photographer and animal advocate working in New York City. We came across her series Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution and fell in love!

Pit Bulls with Silk Flowers

Sophie photographs shelter dogs in need of a loving home.  She dresses them in faux floral crowns that she makes in order to bring out their softness and character.  She has photographed about 300 pit bulls wearing flower crowns, since the summer 2014. The series has quickly gained international interest, opening minds to the idea that pit bulls might have been misjudged.  Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap and are even banned in many places including Sophie’s home country of France.

According to Sophie, “America euthanizes upward of 1,000,000 pit bull-type dogs every year.  These dogs make people uncomfortable, and are so controversial that it allows for the worst abuse to be perpetrated against them.  Adorning them with flowers, I question their image and wonder: is art powerful enough it could change the fate of pit bulls? If those were the only image we knew of pit bulls, would we still be afraid? And if we were no longer afraid, could we at last have a healthy debate around these misunderstood dogs? For they are what we made them to be: strong and loyal. They should not have to pay the price for our own shortcomings.”

It is our goal to spread the word about these adorable fur-babies, so we sent some silk flowers to help the cause.  These sweet pups are all dressed up in faux flowers and looking for a forever home.


Acadia came to the New York city shelter very emaciated. There, she quickly became a volunteer favorite and Animal Haven pulled her. She has been in foster care since. Acadia is about 8 months old and an absolute sweetheart. She has not seen much of the world in the first few months of her life and she is naive and very curious with everything and everyone she meets! It’s quite endearing. She is great and gentle with other dogs and loves settling on a lap for extended snuggle sessions. Despite the poor treatment she must have received in her previous life, she is as sweet and loving as can be and will make any family really happy! 


Adelaide is with Animal Haven in New York. 

She is about 4 years old. She was found tied up in Central Park after the Winter storm Jonas hit the city of New York (which was a huge snow storm, I believe the most important since the 60s).  She has been fostered ever since, and she is great with other dogs. She is a really easy going dog who sometimes needs to be coaxed just to keep going on walks. She would love to be in a home with older dogs that get along with her, but no young children or cats please!


Cam is also with Animal Haven.

Cam is a one year old cute pit bull mix who was surrendered to the city shelter with his sister Payton. Both are really sweet and awesome doggies, now waiting for another chance in life! They are 1 year old. Cam is a goofy boy who is also gentle. He looks more serious on his flower portrait than he really is!

Silk Flower Crown Pit Bull

Payton came to Animal Haven with her brother Cam. She is 1 year old, and petite! Her butt is constantly wagging and she is very happy. She is smart, full of life, and is ready for the next chapter of her life. Although she is good with children, she would probably prefer being the only dog in the home. She loves curling up in laps. 

Be sure to check back frequently, as we will be posting new puppies in need of homes on our blog.  If you’re like us and you want to take one of these delightful pups home with you….or all of them…you can visit Sophie’s site to see which dogs are adopted and which are still in need of a loving home.  You can also find prints and calenders here, the procedes go to help fund the project. Follow #PitBullFlowerPower and @SophieGamand on Instagram.

For the silk flowers used in these floral crowns visit Afloral.com.


  1. They are all beautiful, would bring them all home if I could! Please keep up this good work, all of them need forever homes!

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