How to Use Lanterns in Your Wedding

Lighting is important when trying to create the right atmosphere. You may choose to have all of the glitz,  glam, and flashing lights of a Great Gatsby themed wedding or dim chandeliers and flickering candles for a vintage-themed wedding. Lighting creates a mood and lanterns can be used throughout your wedding to add beautiful style and themes.


Today, we are here to talk about all of the great ways to incorporate lanterns into your wedding decor. The wonderful thing about lanterns is that they have multiple uses. You may put a candle inside of them to create a gentle, and romantic feel. Or you may create a blooming floral arrangement out of them to give a beautiful pop of color and energy. Using lanterns in your wedding really gives you a variety of options.

Seasonal Wedding Decor

Decorate a lantern with berries, feathers, and greenery to create a fall look.  Or you can dress it up with bright, tropical florals and starfish for a summery, beach vibe.

 Fall Wedding Lanterns

Create a beautiful floral arrangement on the top of the lantern, so that you can add romantic lighting with a candle on the inside.  Trust us, it’s so much easier than you may think, check out the how-to on creating this darling spring floral lantern to find out just how simple and fun it is!

Spring Floral Lantern

Bridesmaids Bouquet Alternative

Decorate with florals, inside or out, and a lantern as a bouquet alternative is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and add a touch of whimsy to your wedding.

Alternative Bridesmaids Bouquet

Perfect for bridesmaids or use a LED candle and it becomes an adorable flower girl accessory. It is truly a beautiful way to tie the entire look together.

Aisle & Alter Decor

Wedding LanternBeach Wedding

Light up the aisles and wedding altar with beautiful lantern arrangements.  Take a look at this outdoor beach wedding, accented so perfectly with starfish, candles, and beautiful silk flowers!

Wedding Lantern

Make an empty venue look full and bright with lanterns and faux floral arrangements! What starts as a dull room can be transformed into something elegant and classy with the right decor.


Create dazzling centerpieces. Lantern centerpieces are a great way to give guests soft lighting at their tables.  You can find a variety of sizes for your event.  Use small lanterns for your tables so they will not be in the way while visiting with other guests, or incorporate taller lanterns to make more of a statement.

Lantern Centerpieces

Fill them with a flower in a neutral shade…

Lantern Centerpieces

Or, add a little pop of color!

Lantern Centerpiece

Card Holder


Using a lantern as a card box is such a creative and cute way to collect wedding cards, and your guests will be in awe over this simple idea.

Wreath + Lantern Arrangement


Simply set a lantern in the center of a wreath and now you have a beautiful centerpiece!

And if you are totally in love with this floral wreath, learn how to make it on our how-to page.. (and see how we cleverly turned it from a hanging floral chandelier into a wreath.)

Hanging Lanterns

Hang lanterns from trees at outdoor weddings, or from the ceiling as a unique hanging chandelier at an indoor wedding. It’s such a beautiful way to create gentle lighting and a romantic setting. You will be feeling like you’re in a fairytale wedding.

We hope you are inspired by these ideas to incorporate lanterns into your wedding, and if you’re inspired enough to give them a try don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram!



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