How Do I Use & Care for Preserved and Dried Flowers?

Thinking about dried and preserved flowers for your home decor, or even wedding flower arrangements? has got you covered! Just in, some of the most unbelievably gorgeous preserved and dried items!dried flowersThese dried pampas grass and preserved fall oak leaves are perfect for fall flower arrangements and fall inspired weddings! You simply cannot go wrong with these!dried flower arrangmentsPreserved Flower ArrangementsFrom preserved gypsophila to dried bunny tail grass, we have the most unique dried and preserved flowers and greenery that you will need to add a lively touch to any wedding bouquet or flower arrangement. And the best part? They are made to last FOREVER! Though, you cannot just throw them in your closet and forget about them, these florals should last as long as silk. Here are a few tips to follow to keep your preserved florals looking fresh and natural… preserved flowers

To keep your preserved and dried florals looking fresh and natural forever… consider the following tips:

  1. Keep them out of direct sunlight
  2. Place them upright in a vase
  3. Store them in a cool and dry area
  4. Fluff them every so often
  5. Lastly, but most importantly, refrain from getting them wet

If you can keep up with these simple care tips, then you and your preserved arrangements are GOLDEN!


Feeling like you’re never able to keep up with the latest trends? Or trends are changing so often, you don’t even know where to look next? Don’t worry, will keep you hip and up to date!Preserved Boxwood

Our best selling and most popular natural greenery is our preserved boxwood. If you LOVE these and know you’ve just got to have them…QUICK! You don’t want to miss out on these, as they do sell quickly.  Looking for new ways to decorate with a preserved boxwood wreath or garland?  Add silk flowers to give it some personality and color!

Preserve your love and memories with our dried and preserved florals! <3