Hanging Plants on Trend: Artificial Flower Edition

Looking for new ways to decorate your wedding or home with flowers?  Here are some gorgeous hanging arrangements that will truly enhance the beauty of any room!

Pretty Pink Hanging Floral Chandelier

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more flowers into your venue without making tall clusters on the tables, hanging floral chandeliers are the perfect way to achieve this!

Hanging Greenery Arrangements

It’s such an innovative way to make space for guests to visit without losing all of the flourishing blooms that you desire. And using PINK flowers never fails!

Pink Floral Arrangements

After the wedding use the extra flowers and greenery from creating your DIY bridal bouquet to make a hanging chandelier for your home.  It’s a great way to reuse your wedding flowers AND makes an adorable mobile for a nursery.

Hanging Greenery Chandelier

If you haven’t heard yet, greenery is trending now and we anticipate it will be widely used throughout 2018. It was even named the 2017 color of the year by Pantone.

Greenery Hanging Arrangement

This hanging greenery chandelier made with faux lambs ear and eucalyptus is the perfect addition to any room in your home.. and adding a few silk flowers and filler flowers to compliment your walls or furniture will really make this beauty belong!

Greenery Hanging Arrangement

To make it, follow this easy and fun DIY.

Hanging Greenery Garland

Garlands are so popular for both home and wedding design.

Hanging Greenery Garland

You can purchase pre-made garlands and leave them as is or fill them with added eucalyptus and ferns for a lush swag.

Hanging Greenery Garland

With a simple DIY project, you could have a flourishing greenery wall garland!

Hanging Floral Bottles

Hanging Bottle Chandelier

Hanging floral bottle arrangements are becoming more and more widely used as chandeliers and even as wall decor.  Replace your picture frames or mirrors with this fresh addition to wall decor and give your room a bit more texture and style!

Hanging Floral Bottle Arrangement
It is so easy to make your own. Fill the bottles with greenery, faux flowers, or beautiful vase filler, attach a wire or string to them, tie them to a branch or wreath form… and you have a trendy new decoration for your wedding and home!

Hanging Floral Wall

For a wedding we love chandeliers and we love flower walls.  Why not combine them into an amazing floral installation.

Hanging Floral Wall

This can be used as a gorgeous wedding backdrop or add some jaw dropping adornment above your sweetheart table.

Hanging Floral Wall

It’s a beautiful way to match your decor and highlight the floral arrangements on your table.

If you decide to try out any of these trending ideas, or to share your favorite hanging arrangments,  be sure to tag us on Instagram with #Afloral!