Four Ways to Help Stick to Your Budget


Contributed blog post provided by the financial lender, Earnest

It is not uncommon to see a bride and groom pay for their entire wedding themselves. No longer is it expected that the bride-to-be’s parents foot the bill. So in order to achieve their dream day, many newly engaged couples are taking out a low-interest personal loan to help cover the cost. Budgeting can be one of the biggest stressors when it comes to planning a wedding, and sticking to it can be difficult. Consider these tips below to help avoid the stress.

  1. Prioritize. Sit down with your fiancé and each decide what your non-negotiables are. Once you have each chosen, you need to come to an agreement on your budget. Figure out a number you are both comfortable with. Consider setting aside $750-$1500 of that budget as your emergency fund. Unexpected/unplanned costs do and will come up.
  2. Research. With different vendors comes different prices. Don’t be afraid to get a few different quotes before you decide on a vendor. This will allow you to get a better idea of what things cost. Flowers, DJ, photographer, etc. Many vendors require a deposit that cannot be refunded. It is better to consider all options and offerings before making up your mind. Find the best bang for your buck!
  3. Stick to it. Once you have done your research, set a budget for each item/vendor and stick to it. You may think you have extra money in your emergency budget, but as the date gets closer small things may pop up.
  4. Reevaluate. Check in once a month on how you and your fiancé are doing with your budget. During this time plan out what expenses need to be paid out in the upcoming month. If you find you are over budget, take a deep breath, it’s time to reevaluate. Is there anywhere where you can decrease your budget and save some extra money? Doing this monthly will help decrease stress during the final weeks of planning.
  5. Enjoy. Your wedding day has finally arrived and now it’s time to take it all in! You have put so much time, effort and money into your wedding, just enjoy it. There is no better feeling than looking around the room and seeing all of your guests enjoying everything you planned.

There are so many ideas and inspirations out there now, stay focused on what’s important to you and your fiancé. Don’t let your budget get the best of you. Stay on top of it, save where you can and remember to enjoy the whole experience!

Photography by Elah Tree Studios | @elahtree