Decorating Your Home For Spring

InHouse-Real-Touch-Tulips-PinkContributed blog post by a guest blogger Naomi Shaw

Spring calls for changes. As the days are getting longer and the sun finally starts to heat up, it becomes hard and absolutely unnecessary to resist the heady air of spring. You feel inspired and empowered, and it gets clear that the time for new beginnings has finally arrived. But there’s one thing you should keep in mind: spring doesn’t last forever, and neither does the energy and inspiration it gives. So take the most out of this season and breath new life in your daily routine.

And if the title of this article caught your attention, chances are good that you want a fresh start for your home too. Just like you’re getting ready for the new season with a fresh haircut, new clothes, and maybe even new job, your home deserves some attention too. And, as experience confirms, the best way to welcome spring in your home is to bring flowers.

But what flowers should I choose?

Tastes differ, but if your goal is to welcome spring, you’d better stick to seasonal species. And if it gives you hard times deciding which ones are better, just take a deep breath and keep reading this article.


According to experts, tulips represent royalty, forgiveness, and cheerfulness. But most importantly, they are among the most spring-like flowers. What’s more, there are so many colors to choose from. No matter how special your interior is, you’ll sure find a perfect fit to your place.


These flowers are a symbol of good health and prosperity. Who wouldn’t want to fill their home with such great vibes? Although the color range of peonies is not as diverse as of tulips, there are still beautiful options to choose from.


Unlike the first two species, these flowers are less widespread but definitely no less beautiful. It is believed that irises express courage, hope, wisdom, and faith.


Since these flowers symbolize beauty, purity, and virginity, there’s no wonder why their season is spring. Lilies are stunning, and they’ll make your home brimming with seasonal vibes. These flowers come in different colors and size, so you will definitely find a perfect match for your home.


Believe it or not, but it’s possible to find more than 70 different species of hydrangeas on planet earth. But most importantly, these flowers are anything but ordinary. So if your goal is to welcome both spring and individuality, choose hydrangeas and you won’t regret it.

As you can see, dressing your home ready for spring is neither a brain surgery nor a rocket science. All it takes is some time and dedication. Your home should mirror your personality and inner world. That’s why when your heart fills with the joy of spring, you home should resemble this magic too.